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the Norwich Terrier is a hunting breed of dog. Representatives of this breed involve manufacturers with the pretty muzzle, excellent hunting skills and devoted, friendly character worldwide.

Breed of Dog Norwich Terrier
the Norwich Terrier is a hunting breed of dog

the History of origin of breed

The breed of dog Norwich appeared at the end of the 19th century. The homeland of these terriers is the County of Norfolk, and "father" – the inveterate hunter dreaming of the dogs capable to work in non-standard conditions in the territory of East Anglia.

The Norwich Terrier is visually similar to a Yorkshire terrier, and is not casual. Ancestors norvichy were the black and subdead English terriers brought by selectors by crossing of Yorkshire terriers and Irish terriers.

Thanks to large-scale activity of numerous manufacturers, the breed a Norwich Terrier became property of the Foggy Albion. That in translation from English meant "uncombed", the breed received the first name Rags thanks to the rigid and tousled wool.

Breed of Dog Norwich Terrier
the Breed of dog Norwich appeared at the end of the 19th century

the Second nickname which was assigned to amusing doggies, – Ratler (the translation from English – "the rats hunter"). Hazardous Norwich were excellent small rodents hunters and surpassed by the abilities even little Yorkshire terriers. The breed of doggies with a pretty ridiculous muzzle quickly enough extended in Great Britain and even became a mascot of the known Cambridge university. Numerous students of Cambridge and ordinary fans of dogs literally queued for Norwich Terriers. Thanks to this popularity norvichy christened the Cambridge terriers.

The Norwich Terrier soon, generally thanks to the glory, gained official recognition. In the thirties last century Norwich became the participant of a prestigious exhibition after which the description of breed was made officially and the club is founded. However experts recognized only red color of hair of dog and long time refused to register dogs with a black and subdead color.

the Breed of norvichy is externally very similar to cores and the Norfolk terriers. it is valid, these breeds are very similar and experts distinguish them thanks to the sizes. In weight Cairn Terriers, unlike tiny norvichy, can reach more than 6 kg.

of Feature of breed Norwich tereer (video)

Appearance of a Norwich Terrier

The dog of this breed, as well as the majority of norny dogs, has the small sizes, strong frame, quite wide thorax and a proportional constitution. Their temperament is stated in the standard of a Norwich Terrier by separate point. Puppies of a Norwich Terrier, as well as adult individuals, have active, hazardous and purposeful, but not playful character. Among dogs of working class representatives of this breed are the most tiny and reach in height of 25 cm, and in weight – 5 kg.

At professional exhibitions the injuries sustained by a dog in hunting processes are not considered, but only in case injuries do not make a dog defective. Scars and the torn ears belong to "admissible" mutilations.

Wool at representatives of this breed rigid, provolokoobrazny. In a neck there is a collar formed by an ostevy hair. On a muzzle wool short, there are dense eyebrows and a beard. The underfur is well developed. Carry to admissible colors of hair of Norwich Terrier red (from sated to pale-yellow), black and subdead (a red palette) and zonarny (a black and red palette). Also marks of white color are admissible, but their existence is undesirable.

Gallery: Norwich Terrier (30 photos)

Character of pets

Puppies of a Norwich Terrier, as well as adult representatives of this breed, differ in knack for self-checking. They always consider the actions and do not give in to the hunting passion. But the dog is not appeasable and needs education.

The character of the representative of this breed is defined by not only the correct education, but also congenital instincts of the hunter. The hunting dog will not approach for a role of the security guard as it is quite friendly, but can stand for himself.

Norwich Terriers can get on With dogs and cats only on condition of early socialization . The owner at the same time should not allocate one specific pet as Norwich can begin to be jealous him. Small rodents, birds and rabbits for a Norwich Terrier – first of all production therefore it is undesirable to support them in one house.

Breed of Dog Norwich Terrier

Despite the insignificant sizes, the dog of this breed is very self-confident and can enter a fight even with a large dog. The behavior of Norwich depends directly on socialization and education. Experts recommend to castrate aggressive dogs.

At norvichy or other norny terriers there is some feature. during the game Norwich can bite slightly other dog for a muzzle . Terriers will not apprehend such gesture as aggression, and here other large dogs can react is very unpredictable.

Physical activities, trainings, run and various games in the fresh air are necessary for an active and tireless dog. If to ignore long walks with Norwich, then the pet will begin to destroy master's furniture.

Breed of Dog Norwich Terrier

Training and education

Process of training of Norwich Terriers is similar to a training of all hunting dogs. It will be difficult for some manufacturers to master temperament of Norwich and therefore the help of professional cynologists can be necessary for them. As a rule, the main difficulty causes that Norwich hardly acquire a basic course of training . Having been fond of studying of the area, the Norwich Terrier ignores appeals of the owner and can get lost or get into an unpleasant situation inadvertently.

Up to advanced age active, hardy dogs remain tireless and mobile. For this reason regular physical activities are necessary for them for keeping fit.

Leaving and maintenance

The representative of this breed thanks to the tiny sizes can easily live in the city apartment. But at the same time the owner has to provide to a dog daily long walks.

Many potential owners, buying a puppy of Norwich, try to accustom him to a tray. In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed are hunting, but not decorative dogs, if desired it can really be made, but the owner has to remember that the dog will need all the same walkings.

Breed of Dog Norwich Terrier

It is possible to support a dog and in a country cottage where in walks there will be no urgent need, but also in this case there is one nuance: Norwich will try to hunt any animals, and on the site it can meet cats and small rodents. The dog who is not trained in hunting can rush on "production" and is serious suffer from cat's paws, and from rats is capable to catch rage.
Still Norwich adore digging. Tireless dogs can spoil a master's bed or make undermining to run away from the yard. For this reason it is impossible to leave a Norwich Terrier in the yard of the house unguarded.

it is rather simple to look after wool of the pet. Norwich Terriers twice a year Fade, and during their this period it is necessary to comb out properly. The pet does not need frequent water procedures, will enough bathe a pet twice a year. At the same time it is worth putting on special waterproof clothes before a campaign the street, especially in rainy weather that the pet was not soiled. The rigid hair of a Norwich Terrier in hot season needs to be cleaned by means of a special brush.

In spite of the fact that dogs of this breed are not inclined to ophthalmologic diseases, it is necessary to watch a condition of eyes after all. Ears of Norwich also need regular surveys. At detection in auricles of a raid or unpleasant smell it is necessary to bring a dog to reception to the veterinarian. Uncharacteristic allocations from eyes can indicate development of a disease.

Trimming of a Norwich Terrier (video)

Claws of a pet are, as a rule, erased in the natural way, but only on condition of ensuring long walkings. It is also necessary to watch dental health. For prevention of formation of a raid or a scale it is necessary to brush teeth of a Norwich Terrier independently or to entrust this procedure to the veterinarian.

The diet of a pet is important point of the correct leaving. Norwich Terriers are inclined to overeating and a fast set of weight that can lead further to emergence of serious problems with health. It is possible to feed Norwich with both natural food, and industrial dry feeds. Most of owners choose the second option as it is much easier to calculate a portion of a dry feed, and such food is rich with all necessary minerals. The forage has to be not below a premium class as the budgetary brands I can do much harm to a pet organism.

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