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the Golden retriever (a golden retriever) – the breed of dog which is considered as one of the most friendly and cheerful. Today the breed of dog a golden retriever is the second most popular in the territory of Europe.

Breed of dog golden retriever: origin, the description
the Golden retriever (a golden retriever) – the breed of dog which is considered as one of the most friendly and жизнерадостных

История origins

Long time manufacturers were sure that the breed of dog a golden retriever occurred from the Russian sheep-dogs. In the middle of the 19th century "creator" of breed the lord from Scotland Tvidmaut after visit of circus representation on which saw the trained sheep-dogs was delighted with abilities and mind of dogs. Tvidmaut bought 8 Russian sheep-dogs, having paid for them the impressive sum, and was engaged in removal of new breed directly in the estate which was located near the legendary Lake Loch Ness.

The lord not only was engaged in cultivation of dogs, but also actively distributed the version of origin of new breed. He published it in magazines and constantly repeated that he wants to go to Russia, to the Caucasus to buy some more sheep-dogs. The breed a golden retriever quickly interested numerous fans of dogs, and Tvidmaut continued to feed the interest of public and to popularize breed.

Exclusively wealthy persons became owners of a magnificent dog with a golden color. The colonel Trench who became the next owner of such puppy registered it in the English club where a dog wrote down as the Russian yellow retriever. Throughout long time this story of origin of a golden retriever was considered as original and ancestors of dogs called the Russian and even Caucasian sheep-dogs. Despite obvious differences in appearance and the nature of retrievers, the beautiful legend of emergence of new breed of dog was not exposed to doubts.

Professional manufacturers, nevertheless, did not trust such version of origin of retrievers. Elma Stoneks decided to be engaged in studying of unusual breed and, having checked breeding books and records which were kept by Tvidmaut, found out the truth. It turned out that formation of breed began still in the thirties the 19th century. Lord Tvidmaut bought a golden puppy from the shoemaker from Brighton and Nous gave to the kid a nickname that in translation from Celtic meant "wisdom". Later the lord crossed Nousa to a spaniel, and as a result of this knitting 3 puppies of a golden color who became a basis of new breed were born.

Breed of dog golden retriever: the origin, the description
Owners of a magnificent dog with a golden color became exclusively wealthy persons

In records of the lord data on crossing of setters and bloodhounds who participated in origin of new breed too were found. Puppies with a black color were discarded from cultivation, and for further crossing the lord used dogs only with yellow and golden color of wool. In the estate the aristocrat organized nursery which quickly gained popularity in the Foggy Albion. The lord gave the best puppies to the local aristocracy which favourite entertainment was a hunting. The golden dog was a good hunter and therefore aristocrats with pleasure bought puppies and were engaged in their cultivation, adding "blood" of Labradors.

Thanks to society breed a golden retriever after death Tvidmauta was not gone though the circle of owners was so closed that even cynologists and locals practically knew nothing about it. Through some time owners of golden dogs began to try to obtain official recognition of new breed. Lord Harkout constantly exposed representatives of this breed at professional exhibitions, and soon they were recognized officially. The new breed of dog was given the name "flat-coated retriever of a gold colour". But only many years later, in the middle of the XX century, the breed was recognized and registered. In the territory of Russia dogs of this breed appeared only in the nineties.

of Feature of breed (video)


Appearance at a golden retriever very attractive, a constitution harmonious and proportional. The dog is perfectly put. Its movements graceful and sure, and look good-natured and open.

Colour of wool can be various shades, varying from golden to white . The representative of breed with almost snow-white color has a small silvery shade, and cream dogs have a golden shade. A red and dark golden color at the same time are not welcomed, and red saturated and makhagonovy are inadmissible at all. The standard of the USA does not welcome all above-mentioned colors and recognizes only a golden shade. The English standard, on the contrary, loyally belongs to any admissible colors of a dog.

Wool at a golden retriever rather dense, as well as an underfur. On the structure it dense, brilliant, is direct or slightly wavy. In growth the adult male of a golden retriever can reach from 55 to 60 cm, and a female – from 50 to 55 cm

Breed of dog golden retriever: origin, description

Nature of a retriever

Representatives of this breed have surprising character. They adore communicating with people, are very friendly, peaceful, cheerful and is sincere. The owner the dog of this breed is ready to prove the every minute sincere attachment, fidelity and love. In spite of the fact that initially golden retriever was used as a hunting dog, today he is a faithful partner and the assistant to the owner. of Golden retrievers actively use as guides and in a zoooterapiya.

The dog is capable to calm the person, to help to reduce stress and therefore she is rather often used in work with the children suffering from autism. If the person is concerned or upset with something, the golden retriever will console him as always feels mood of the owner. Dogs of this breed possess so strong positive power that, having even embraced him, the person lightens.

the Security guard and the bodyguard from a dog of this breed will not turn out as they never show aggressions and are not shown on strangers. To strangers golden retrievers do not test even vigilance and concern them very friendly. To other pets, even unfamiliar, they also belong good-natured. With other animals do not enter open opposition and prefer to leave from the conflict. To discompose a golden retriever very difficult, they use the force only in extreme cases.

Breed of dog golden retriever: origin, description

It is impossible to call the nature of golden retrievers just appeasable. Dogs are incredibly obliging and any minute are ready to come to the rescue of the owner. The dog with pleasure brings to the owner of a slipper, the panel from the TV and other objects necessary for it, gives itself to caress at any time and is always ready to cheerful games.

Golden retrievers adore meeting other people and animals . It is possible to leave them safely alone with small children, even unfamiliar. The dog will play with them, to preserve and protect in every possible way. Despite rather playful character, retrievers are brave rescuers. The set of cases when the dog, risking own life, pulled out the sinking people is known and saved them from the fires. They do not need to give the special command as dogs perfectly understand that the person is in danger, and rush to him to the aid. In extreme situations golden retrievers react just immediately.

Breed of dog golden retriever: origin, description

Leaving and maintenance

Golden retrievers get on also in spacious city apartments, and in country cottages. The owner needs to remember only that to a dog a lot of attention from its party is required and alone for the long term of a dog it is better not to leave. To chain the pet, having thrown for long time in a country house, it is impossible as it the relation will strongly do much harm to mentality of a dog.

This breed of dog, main from features, the fact that they treat equally kindly all family members therefore can train a dog any of members of household is.

In leaving representatives of this breed are rather ordinary. Hozyaina needs to accustom a puppy from early age to hygienic procedures and a diet. Feeding of a dog needs to be carried out at the same time, portions should not be big, and in breaks between meals it is impossible to feed up him. It is necessary to treat feeding of the pet very seriously as violation of the mode will lead to a fast set of excess weight that will provoke emergence of problems with health.

Breed of dog golden retriever: origin, description

It is also necessary to watch eyes of the pet carefully. It is regularly necessary to wipe them and to examine regarding uncharacteristic allocations. At emergence of daily purulent allocations which can be sign of existence of worms or developing of a distemper it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

Ears of a pet can be examined once a week. needs to Clean them by means of the wadded tampon which is previously moistened in clear water or in weak solution of peroxide of hydrogen.

It is also necessary to watch teeth, otherwise at a dog the scale or a raid can be formed. In order to avoid such problems it is necessary to brush teeth of a dog by means of a special brush and paste.

It is necessary to bathe a dog as required. The retriever does not need frequent water procedures, and, as a rule, there are enough couple of bathings a year. It is necessary to wash the pet with use of special shampoo. As for wool, in order that it looked beautifully and it is well-groomed, it is necessary to brush a dog daily.

How to train a golden retriever (video)

Education and training

In spite of the fact that by nature dogs of this breed very bright and appeasable, as well as any other dogs, they need training and education. As a golden retriever – rather large dog, not all people know that the dog running to their child only wants to play with it. For this reason the retriever needs to begin to be brought up from puppyish age. The dog surely has to acquire a basic course of training that on walks the owner could control his behavior with ease.

As dogs of this breed easily and quickly study, the owner can not be limited to a basic course. The golden retriever without special work will master difficult commands, intricate tricks and dog agility. And if to encourage a dog with delicacies after command execution, then process of training of a golden retriever will give pleasure not only to the owner, but also a dog.

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