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Lhasa апсо (Lhasa Apso) – the Tibetan breed of dog who are excellent partners. The Tibetan monasteries were the initial place of keeping of these pretty doggies. Dogs bark warned monks about the coming danger.

A Lhasa Apso – breed rather ancient, and by experts it is proved that her representatives are primogenitors of the majority of modern decorative doggies.

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: character and education
Lhasa апсо – the Tibetan breed of dog which are excellent компаньонами

История origins of breed

A dog Lhasa апсо is one of the most ancient breeds. These pretty doggies were faithful watchmen and partners for the Tibetan monks and appeared in these regions about 4,000 years ago. Their ancestors presumably were mountain wolves and some local pedigree dogs.

Rather recently experts conducted certain researches during which it was found out that Lhasa апсо in the genotype are very similar to wolves. After this opening of a Lhasa Apso carried to the most ancient pedigree dogs along with the known Akita Inus and a chow-chow.

Tiny doggies received such unusual name which is rather difficult for remembering in honor of the capital of Tibet – Lhasa. In translation from local language, meant Apso "bearded" and if to translate the name of breed completely, then something will turn out like "a bearded dog from Lhasa".

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: the character and education апсо in the genotype are very similar
of Lkhaso to wolves

Many years the main purpose of dogs of this breed were to protect ago houses of noblemen and monasteries. Entrances and walls of monasteries trusted to protect to huge Tibetan mastiffs, and small Lhasa апсо notified giants on the coming danger the ringing bark. At that time monks believed that souls of the died lamas moved in Lhasa Apsos and stayed in them up to regeneration. For this reason tiny doggies never sold, and delivery as a gift was the only way to catch a Lhasa Apso.

Throughout long time Tibet was the closed country and therefore nobody almost knew of breed of these dogs outside their homeland. Only at the beginning of the 20th century several pedigree individuals were brought by military who came back to Great Britain from Tibet. Nova, then still the poorly studied breed of dog was given the name – the Lhasa terrier.

The dog got to the United States thanks to Dalai Lama of XIII who granted a sboaka of this breed to the American researcher Kattingu who arrived in America in the thirties of last century.

In the following several decades decorative puppies Lhasa апсо won popularity which peak fell on the end of the 90th. In the territory of the Soviet Union this breed of dog was a little known, but after its disorder extended and fallen in love to numerous manufacturers and dog breeders.

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Visually representatives of this breed of dog have similarity with other decorative pedigree dogs from East Asia and for this reason they are quite often confused with a shih-tzu. But unlike these dogs, Lhasa апсо larger size, and it is carried to average dogs, but not to "pocket". Height in withers of representatives of this breed is stated in the standard, and ideally it has to make about 27 cm, and weight – from 6 to 8 kg. Heterosexual individuals differ by the size, females look less and weigh from 5 to 6.5 kg.

Lhasa апсо have the extended case (but not so long, as at the same dachshunds), the low growth and strong, rather brawny constitution. Extremities are direct, a tail rather short, lying on a back, with a small break on a tip.

Wool at the Lhasa terrier two-layer, an underfur pronounced, soft to the touch, rather short. The top layer of wool quite rigid and very dense therefore even during severe cold weather the pet does not freeze. A hair not curly and not wavy. To the touch it rather rigid, even a little rough also is so long, as for a floor.

Exhibition dogs are not cut and leave them the maximum length of wool. As for a color of a Lhasa Apso, it can be various.

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: character and education

Character of the Lhasa terrier

Despite the insignificant sizes, these doggies have character of the real sentry dog. To family of the owner very quickly become attached, but do not impose the society unlike the majority of decorative pedigree dogs. Are most strongly attached to one person – the owner. If from puppyish age Lhasa апсо was in society only of one person, and it "raised" it, to it it becomes attached quickly and is devoted until the end of life.

Those who decided to buy a puppy Lhasa апсо should consider that important factor that these dogs cannot be in loneliness long time and if the alleged owner is forced to make constantly long business trips, it is better to refuse purchase of this decorative doggie.

The Lhasa terriers treat strangers with vigilance and some caution. Such quality is considered congenital as for decades these dogs served as guard. Early socialization which will help them to concern strangers more quietly and more loyally is necessary for representatives of this breed. In the absence of due education Lhasa апсо grow embittered, coward and uncontrollable.

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: character and education

Despite modest dimensions, the Lhasa terriers are excellent sentry dogs. Certainly, they will not be able to stop the malefactor, but will definitely not allow to get on the territory entrusted to them unnoticed. If the malefactor threatens safety of a dog, the owner or his family, then brave Lhasa апсо can rush selflessly on him. It happens extremely seldom, and these decorative dogs first of all rely on the ringing bark by means of which they call the backup.

As for the attitude towards small children, big families the Lhasa terriers will not approach as treat kids of a dog not really friendly. Roughnesses and pranks from children Lhasa апсо are categorically not transferred. If the doggie counts any prank for threat, then he will not recede, and on the contrary, can bite "offender". Because of such behavior experts extremely do not recommend to get Lhasa апсо to families in which there are children is more junior than 8-year age.

In spite of the fact that timely socialization and the correct education will help to correct this trait of character, children need to explain that to a dog it is necessary treats with respect and you should not tease her.

As a rule, the Lhasa terriers quietly get on with other pets, but in the absence of socialization can share with them the territory, show unreasonable aggression and be greedy. The hunter's instinct at Lhasa апсо is expressed very poorly and therefore they can get on with small rodents and birds. Foreign animals in the territory are not recognized and right there begin to banish.

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: character and education

Training and education

At the Lhasa terriers rather developed intelligence, but it is not so simple to train them. By nature representatives of this breed are very capricious and stubborn, and can resist training long and persistently. As the Lhasa terriers treat prepotent pedigree dogs, the owner during the trainings should prove the superiority constantly. If to assume that the dog felt main, then to try will train her it is absolutely useless.

Difficulties in training do not mean that it is impossible to train the Lhasa terrier in something. Just the owner has to be ready that from him more efforts, free time and patience will be required during this hard process. Special difficulties will be caused by schooling Lhasa апсо to a toilet as at these decorative dogs a small bladder and to restrain them not easy.

The so-called syndrome of a little dog is characteristic of representatives of this breed. But it is shown only at those individuals with whom owners behave not as with any other larger pedigree dog. Many people are amused by growl of a tiny doggie, and they do not find it necessary to adjust such behavior.

However such wrong relation of owners leads further to the fact that the decorative doggie breaks from a lead and rushes on combative dogs, shows unreasonable aggression and becomes uncontrollable. The insignificant sizes and primitive temperament makes the Lhasa terriers inclined to emergence of this syndrome.

Breed of dog Lhasa апсо: character and education

Leaving and keeping of the pet

As representatives of this breed are not inclined to activity and playfulness, and the size their insignificant, they can be supported in the small-sized city apartment. Long walks are not necessary to them and will be usual walkings enough. Nevertheless it is obligatory to walk a dog every day as the imprisonment within four walls is contraindicated to a Lhasa Apso. With boredom sooner or later he begins to gnaw furniture and to bark loudly.

The owner needs to be also ready to the fact that the Lhasa terriers very loudly bark that can not be pleasant to uneasy neighbors. Training will help to correct this feature, and the dog will cease to react to the slightest rustle, but to completely disaccustom her nevertheless it will not turn out.

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In leaving Lhasa апсо are very exacting. Need everyday raschesyvaniye and frequent water procedures. For a hairstyle it is possible to address the professional groomer. Life expectancy at these doggies big – from 12 to 17-18 years.

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