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: Japanese the combative dog treats office types. It is the only breed removed in Japan. The land of the rising sun is known for the love to different types of fight. One of them – sumo. Its sense consists in ability to resist after the attack of the rival and not to go beyond a circle. Japanese of a strong constitution weighing not less than 100 kg become Sumoistami. By the same rules dog fights, traditional for Japan, which are known since the early Middle Ages are arranged.

Breed of dog of a Tosa Inu: the description, features of contents and education
the Japanese combative dog belongs to office видам

Происхождение breeds

With the purpose to receive a furious, strong and invincible dog at the end of the 19th century the breed of a Tosa Inu was removed. For crossing local dogs and dogs of the European breeds, such as bull terriers, mastiffs and bulldogs were used. Tos's is extremely aggressive, ruthless and hardy. It is capable of long fight in which winner is the dog who pressed the opponent to the earth all the body. Now the breed of a tos is rather rare. It is considered national property of Japan and is forbidden to export abroad. The insignificant livestock is available in Russia, Korea, the USA, Hungary and Germany where they were delivered from China or Taiwan. In these countries the breed represents exhibition copies.

Breed of dog of a Tosa Inu: the description, features of contents and education
of Tos is the breed inspiring уважение

Тоса is the breed commanding respect . From their livestock the Japanese bankers and industrialists take animals for protection and maintenance. Usually a tosa are quiet, silent, obedient and are not persuasive, but are extremely dangerous for this purpose who will dare to encroach on the owner or property of the owner. Since its birth it is necessary to bring up correctly. The dog – the Samurai on spirit and character, will submit only to that owner who is also strong physically, spiritually and is capable to dominate over a dog in any situation and to control its actions.

of Feature of a Tosa Inu (video)

Main characteristics

The dog of a tos has a strong constitution, the wide big head with trailing ears and a strong mouth. A female there are much less males and never participate in competitions. The dog in withers has to have height from 60 cm and weigh not less than 40 kg. Growth boughs cannot be less than 54.5 cm the Description includes the following features and characteristics:

  • the case differs in massiveness: a broad chest, a direct strong back, a powerful waist, the tightened belt, high withers;
  • a brawny neck with a fold;
  • the tail is put highly, is narrowed from the basis by the end, reaches a joint;
  • the head is wide, with a sloping forehead and the expressed occipital hillock;
  • a straight line nose, large, with a black lobe;
  • ears are thin, trailing, bottom edge touch cheekbones;
  • eyes are dark, small;
  • look courageous and full of advantage;
  • extremities direct and brawny;
  • wool short and dense, rigid to the touch;
  • primary colors of a color – red, pale-yellow, tiger, are possible white impregnations.

Breed of dog of a Tosa Inu: description, features of contents and education

of the Habit and character

Despite fighting temperament, the Japanese mastiff honest, true and reliable. In this animal contradictory traits are wonderfully combined: self-confidence, courage, power, care and devotion. With the owner it good-natured and appeasable, always reserved. Treats strangers watchfully and it is aggressive in relation to foreign dogs. This look can be contained in the room (it clean and silent). Tos's needs long walks and physical trainings. It will allow it to remain healthy and to release excess energy. These dogs can be used for protection of the dwelling, for personal protection or to contain in quality of pets.

Tosa very clever and sociable. Strongly become attached to the owners and those whom consider as the friends. They perfectly get on with children and, playing with them, will never show aggression because of pain or fear. Thanks to the origin (a combative dog), the tosa has very high tolerance to pain. At the correct education the pet will welcome in a friendly way the owner's guests, remaining at the same time always vigilant and ready to rise at any time in defense of people close to it.

Breed of dog of a Tosa Inu: description, features of contents and education

How to bring up a Tosa Inu

Puppies of a Tosa Inu develop slowly. They need about 4 years for full maturing. Average life expectancy makes 10-12 years. only the dog breeders having experience can Get this breed. to Them needs the owner capable to show the leadership and to show character in any situation.

To train a tos it is necessary to begin with puppyish age. Education has to be consecutive and firm. Otherwise the dog will grow aggressive and will attack people. The balanced, well adapted and trained dog will not try to grab or bite the stranger. It is necessary to accustom from early age the pet to good manners, to train to walk on a lead and in a muzzle. Rules of conduct for it have to be accurately defined and firm.

Only under such circumstances education the dog will be a reliable and faithful partner for all family members.

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Food and leaving

Tosa prefers natural food. Its diet has to consist of a large number of fresh meat and bones. You should not allow pets there is something between the main meals. It will save them from an abdominal distension and excess gas generation. With age at a tos the weakness in legs because of big weight can develop. To avoid it, it is necessary to enter additional amount of calcium, vitamins and mineral substances into food.

To an adult animal of rather 2-times food. It is allowed to feed the pet with ready-made dry feeds which on sale enough. It is possible to alternate a forage to homemade food. Food of puppies has to differ in quality and high content of vitamins, calcium and proteins. Tosa differ in good health and are practically not ill, but it is necessary to do all necessary inoculations in due time.

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It is easy to look after for a tos. This unpretentious animal. It is necessary to brush short wool special 1-2 once a week. It is necessary to bathe only in case of need. It is regularly necessary to examine ears and eyes of the pet and if it is required, to address the veterinarian.

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