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Moscow sentry. This breed purposefully was removed and was the state project of the USSR. Today the number of the Moscow sentry was considerably reduced, but her working skills are highly appreciated to this day by professional manufacturers.

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry: the description and features
Moscow sentry is the breed of dog possessing excellent workers качествами

История origins

After the termination Second World War of large guard dogs practically did not remain. St. Bernards and Rottweilers could be counted on fingers, and the USSR extremely needed a large number of office dogs. To import dogs on the territory of the Soviet Union from abroad it was expensive therefore the Ministry of Defence made the decision to remove new breed of dogs with the developed working skills.

Selectors turned to work in the 50th and for removal of new breed chose the German and Caucasian sheep-dogs, Newfoundland dogs, skewbald hounds, canine borzois and St. Bernards. Such quantity of various pedigree dogs, different not only external, but also internal qualities, led to the fact that their puppies needed careful selection.

The task was set for manufacturers: to remove breed of dogs with serious appearance, impressive dimensions and well developed security skills. The dog also had to have dexterity, endurance and unpretentiousness in leaving.

By careful selection by the end of the 50th several pedigree dogs were removed. Experts wrote the first unofficial standard of breed. Already in half a year the official description of breed the Moscow sentry was created.

Finally the breed began the rapid development. In the 60th the posterity after knitting of a St. Bernard and the Caucasian sheep-dog was given rise. Used these puppies for further cultivation of breed.

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Today breed the Moscow sentry is externally similar to a St. Bernard and differs from him in broader frame and the structure of muscles. Differ from the Caucasian sheep-dog in the general proportions and a color.

Despite the impressive sizes, the Moscow sentry is very active, hardy and mobile. Growth of males, as a rule, happens not lower than 68 cm, in weight – it is not less than 55 kg. It is a little less female, their growth happens not less than 66 cm, weight – from 45 kg.

the Colour of dogs consists of 2 shades, one of which the main, and spots or marks are painted in another. So, the main color at Moscow sentry white, and spots happen red, red, black and red, sable shades.

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry: the description and features Today the number of the Moscow sentry was considerably reduced by
, but her working skills are highly appreciated professional заводчиками

Характер Moscow sentry to this day

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry is allocated with active, but not too vigorous character. Dogs of this breed rather quiet, balanced, quick and, as well as majority of sheep-dogs, very independent. Working skills the Moscow sentry adopted at the ancestors. Despite very friendly character, this breed will suit not everyone and will not call it universal.

Before acquisition of a puppy Moscow sentry the alleged owner needs to consider the fact that the dog of this breed should be trained and brought up up to 3-year age. If in the house there are small children, then both the dog, and kids need to be trained in some rules of conduct in advance. First, the dog needs to be disaccustomed to stings, even in a playful form, and to explain to the child that it is impossible to approach a dog at all when she eats. The owner should not use physical punishments in relation to a pet. The Moscow sentry not only will remember the disrespectful attitude towards herself, but also will begin to ignore the teams of the owner.

Adult dogs of this breed become devoted friends to not only the owner, but also family members. Other pets the Moscow sentry treat very calmly and tolerantly, however, as well as children in family, and here strangers – watchfully, cautiously. The Moscow sentry are capable to neutralize uninvited malefactors only a few minutes. The dog can attack the stranger only if he intruded on the territory protected by her.

Despite such difficulties in education of a dog, at timely socialization and competent approach Moscow sentry become devoted, friendly dogs.

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry: description and features

of Feature of training and education

The puppy Moscow sentry needs early socialization. As for training, there will be not enough basic course. Moscow sentry is considered the Puppy up to achievement of 3-year age by it, and therefore all this time to the owner should bring up a dog, disaccustoming to pranks, fighting against hormonal splashes which happen owing to puberty. Knitting Moscow sentry can be made only at adult age, at boughs it is desirable only after 3 techka.

The maturing pet gradually changes the priorities, and for the forefront at him there are a protection of the house, property of the owner and safety of family members.

As a rule, representatives of this breed give in to training easily. Moscow sentry which difficult give in to training and training are discarded from cultivation. The owner of a dog of this breed has to have experience as the technique of training of protective and guard breeds demands certain knowledge and patience. If the owner in the course of training of a young dog has difficulties and the dog begins to show territorial aggression, then the owner should ask for the help the professional cynologist. If to stop training at this age, having failed, then with age the dog can become uncontrollable.

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry: description and features

Maintenance and leaving

It is possible to support the Moscow sentry dog in a country house or the city apartment. If the dog lives in room conditions, then walking twice a day from which each walk has to be long is necessary for her and last not less couple of hours. It is desirable to contain Moscow sentry in a country cottage with the adjacent site. It will be much more comfortable to large dog to live in the open-air cage, than in the apartment, close for it. Patrol dogs have to use the working skills, otherwise they will send the energy to other course. Representatives of this breed are steady against severe Russian frosts, but at the same time the open-air cage has to have protective section from winds. On a chain it is not recommended to hold a dog.

The owner has to accustom also a dog to wearing a muzzle in crowded places, during walks. From a lead Moscow sentry it is also not recommended to lower as its reaction cannot almost be predicted. a dog of this breed concerns strangers very watchfully and for this reason such security measures are necessary. It is necessary to walk with a dog at contents not only in the apartment, but also in a country house.

The Moscow sentry was removed as an unpretentious dog, and it kept this quality to this day. Nevertheless the dog nevertheless needs to provide care.

It is necessary to carry out water procedures not less than 3 times a year. It is necessary to comb out Moscow sentry in the period of a molt every day, especially a female. Dogs sometimes do not fade at all, and here at a bough, on the contrary, the molt passes very intensively. If the male does not fade, then bathing without use of soap or shampoo will help to solve a problem. After the termination of a molt it is possible to comb a dog of 1 times in 7 days.

In spite of the fact that representatives of this breed have no tendency to ophthalmologic and ear diseases, the dog needs to be carried periodically on routine inspections to the veterinarian. If the pet had a reddening of eyes, a cataract or obvious deterioration in hearing, then the dog needs to be shown to the veterinarian immediately.

Breed of dog the Moscow sentry: description and features

To protect a dog from the attack of ticks or fleas, it is necessary to use special sprays. At the same time it is necessary to study attentively the instruction as sprays from pincers act on an extent of only 2 months, and from fleas – about half a year.

Strong teeth of a pet need to be examined carefully few times in a week. An unpleasant smell from a mouth, the visible raid or existence of a scale can indicate presence of a difficult illness at a dog and therefore it needs to be brought as soon as possible to reception to the veterinarian. If the pet eats exclusively dry industrial feed or soft hryashchik, then he does not need toothbrushing.

Representatives of this breed have tendency to food allergic reactions therefore it is desirable to feed dogs with a dry industrial or tinned feed. If at a dog allergic reaction to any products is not observed, then she can be fed with natural food.

Health of dogs

As well as the majority of other large pedigree dogs, the Moscow sentry have small life expectancy. As a rule, dogs live about 10 years. At dogs of the impressive sizes some bodies, joints and cardiac muscles quickly enough wear out.

Representatives of this breed have predisposition to such diseases as:

  • dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint;
  • allergic reactions;
  • obesity.

The dysplasia most often, especially at an early stage, is treated by means of complex therapy. In certain cases surgical intervention can be necessary, but even operation does not give 100% of a guarantee for an absolute recovery of a dog.

An allergy to a certain product or flower pollen at Moscow sentry is treated by means of antihistaminic medicines and an exception of allergen.

Obesity can be prevented by means of control and correcting (if necessary) of a diet. Even couple of extra kilos can affect extremely negatively an organism Moscow sentry therefore its weight needs to be controlled. It is not recommended to overfeed a dog, it is undesirable to indulge her delicacies between the main meals. It is necessary to be attentive to the pet!

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