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the Swiss sheep-dog is the sentry breed of dog having friendly character and excellent working skills. Externally they are very similar to closest "relatives" – German shepherds, but distinctive feature of BShO from Germans is their snow-white color. A white Swiss sheep-dog – not only an excellent sentry dog, but also the faithful partner, an ideal pet, infinitely devoted to the owner and sincerely loving all members of household.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)
the Swiss sheep-dog is the sentry breed of dog having friendly character and excellent workers навыками

История origins of the Swiss sheep-dog

The white Swiss sheep-dog whose primogenitor are German shepherds appeared in the twenties last century. Dogs were used as sentry and trusted them to protect flocks of sheep from predators. The snow-white color of wool of pets for shepherds was powerful advantage as sheep took a dog for the relative and were not frightened it.

In several years the Swiss sheep-dog suffered persecution from numerous manufacturers who assured that the gene of an albino was the reason of serious problems with health at German shepherds. The Swiss sheep-dogs were excluded from cultivation and forbade their participation at professional exhibitions that led to considerable reduction of their number.

Total disappearance of this magnificent breed was prevented by emigration in the USA where local selectors were fascinated by appeal of sheep-dogs albinos and were accepted to their cultivation. At last, in the sixties the breed of sheep-dogs albinos received the official name – a white Swiss sheep-dog.

In the eighties experts at last managed to prove to manufacturers that the gene is responsible only for a snow-white color of wool of the pet and in any way also developing of pathologies does not influence deviations in physical development. In several years the sheep-dog could return on the historical homeland and quickly extended in the European countries.

Thanks to high I.Q. and attractive appearance it quickly won popularity. The world famous family Rokfellerov became happy owners of a snow-white sheep-dog several times also.


The hardy and strong dog of this breed possesses perfectly developed muscles, graceful outlines and a pretty muzzle. Growth of the Swiss sheep-dog can average about 55 cm, and weight – 35 kg. Average life expectancy of a pet – 12-14 years.

Wool at the Swiss sheep-dog rather short and closely adjacent to an underfur. In front the dog is covered with a short hair, and on back extremities his wool more dense and fluffy. The white sheep-dog can be long-haired and short-haired. At the same time long-haired pets were recognized in the territory of Germany and France, and short-haired – in the Netherlands and Canada.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)
Wool at the Swiss sheep-dog rather short and closely adjacent to подшерстку

Характер the pet

The puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog, as well as the adult representative of this breed, differs in friendly and tender character. of the Dog faithfully love the owner and family members, are always ready to rise in their defense in case of danger. To strangers dogs of this breed also do not show aggression, but at the same time treat them watchfully.

Thanks to peacefulness and skill to communicate the Swiss sheep-dogs easily get on with other pets. As well as the Scottish terrier who of a hunting dog turned into the partner, but did not lose working skills, the sheep-dog Swiss kept security abilities too. Thanks to it from the Swiss sheep-dogs not only magnificent partners, but also reliable security guards of country cottages turn out.

In fact it is possible to call these dogs ideal in every sense, but they have a shortcoming, considerable for many owners. The Swiss sheep-dogs adore expressing the thoughts "aloud" and rather often and loudly bark.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)

Representatives of this breed of dog really are considered as one of the easily trainees. They instantly acquire new information, adore executing various commands of the owner and quickly remember even difficult tricks. Swisses perfectly get on with small children and adore playing with them, at the same time preserving and looking after. In comparison with Germans the Swiss sheep-dogs have more gentle disposition, besides, they adore attention and caress from the owner and members of household.

Such qualities as steadiness and complaisance are inherent in representatives of breed. They always listen to the owner, but in the company of strangers, as a rule, remain on the alert and control a situation. At the same time aggressions the pet never proves and behaves.

The Swiss sheep-dogs are very devoted, charming, bright and good-natured. Despite appeasable character, dogs know the own worth and will not suffer the rough disrespectful relation. They always try to pick up individual approach to each member of household and soon become an integral part of family.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)

Training and education

Socialization of the Swiss sheep-dog needs to be begun with early age. Puppies have to meet new people and other pets that not grow up closed and mistrustful. It is necessary to bring up them without excess shouts and the more so manhandling. The tough technicians who are often used when training German shepherds in a case with the Swiss will not be effective. Here the incentive method will much better work. The favourite delicacy received in an award from the owner after the executed command will force a dog to train even more diligently.

As representatives of this breed are rather active and playful dogs, long walks will give them great pleasure.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)

of Feature of leaving and maintenance

The main requirement for keeping of a dog of this breed is existence of free space. As well as any other large to a dog, Swiss to a sheep-dog need a lot of empty seat and therefore the country house will become the best place for her contents. In the small-sized apartment the snow-white sheep-dog will not get on.

It is also necessary to find a large number of time for pet trainings. Obstacle race and weighting will always help the Swiss sheep-dog to remain in shape and to dump the collected energy.

As for the general leaving, the snow-white fur coat of a pet will be enough combed by 1 time in few weeks as representatives of this breed are inclined to a molt. It is necessary to carry out comb-out to these periods more often – 2-3 times a week. can carry out Water procedures as required, and claws of the pet to cut time in half a year.

BShO Diet

In spite of the fact that the Swiss sheep-dogs have rather good health, it is necessary to watch their diet carefully. Unbalanced and poor nutrition is capable to do harm to a pet organism.

For feeding of a white sheep-dog it is possible to use production dry feeds or natural food. Certainly, to make a diet of a dog of natural dishes will be for the owner more difficult task, than feeding of the pet drying. But natural food is much more useful, than production forages.

Puppies of the Swiss sheep-dog need to be fed 6 times a day. As soon as the pet reaches six-month-old age, the quantity of daily portions can be limited to the 3rd. The adult dog should be fed twice a day at the same time.

Breed of Dog White Swiss Sheep-dog (WSSD)

The daily diet of the pet based on natural food has to include 0.5 kg of low-fat meat (it is desirable veal or a bird). It is better for Kostya not to give to a dog as it can choke with them. For maintenance of necessary level of phosphorus in an organism of a dog it is necessary to feed her with river and sea fish, having carefully chosen from it stones.

The diet of the Swiss sheep-dog has to consist of various porridges (buckwheat, pearl-barley, rice and millet). It is possible to add vegetables or fruit to them. Some representatives of breed adore raspberry, apricots, vegetable marrows and pumpkin. Can also feed up a dog 2-3 eggs a week, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese and curdled milk.

Provided that all above-mentioned products will be included in a diet of a dog, in vitamin supplements there will be no need.

The owner has to watch that how many the pet eats first. If the portion is not eaten by a dog for 1 time, then in the subsequent feedings it needs to be reduced. Large portions will lead to overeating and a fast set of excess weight that can become further the reason of problems with health.

If the dog lives in the winter in the yard, then portions need to be increased. The bowl with clear drinking water always has to be in the place, available to a dog. It is necessary to update water in a bowl 1 every two days.

When choosing a diet from industrial forages the premium and a superpremium are better to acquire the qualitative and checked brands. The forage of a low class can provoke emergence of problems with kidneys and bilious channels. Owing to improper feeding at a dog tumors which considerably will reduce duration of his life can be formed.

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