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the Dog of breed to Cana corso (in translation from Italian to Cana – a dog, "corso" – the guard) came from the most ancient moloss and to much it is known for the majestic appearance, self-sacrificing character and the impressive sizes. By today representatives of this breed managed to keep the unique appearance and working skills thanks to long and laborious work of numerous manufacturers.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: the description, the contents, training
Besides hunting, Cana corso used dogs for protection of farms and houses

the History of origin

Breed of dog to Cana corso which ancestors are the most ancient molossa namely the Tibetan mastiffs, today practically managed to keep the initial appearance, even despite long-term history. Molossa which lived in the ancient Roman Empire, unfortunately, died out.

the First mentions of Cana corso appeared in the 15th century . Officially the history of this breed can be counted since the legendary Roman Empire. At that time dogs were applied to bloody fights on arenas and, dressing self-sacrificing dogs in armor, took them with themselves in the field of fight. Kan Corso also guarded palaces and high-ranking officials from malefactors and protected slaves.

After fall of the legendary Roman Empire in Italy other system set in, and such changes could not but affect formation of breed to Cana corso. Soon on the territory of Italy delivered other breeds of dog. Kan Corso did not die out, and on the contrary, extended even more and changed a little. Dogs were used in the south of Italy and took self-sacrificing dogs on hunting behind big game.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: the description, the contents, training to Cana corso appeared
After war on the verge исчезновения

Помимо hunting, to Cana corso used dogs for protection of farms and houses. On the end of a season of harvesting protection of grounds was trusted one servant and several individuals of breed. Used dogs and for a cattle stage that left a print on breed. The similar way of life developed in Cana corso such quality as devotion to one person in whom he recognized the owner.

As well as many other breeds of dog and cats, after war it appeared to Cana corso on the verge of disappearance. mister Nizzoli Saved them from full extinction. He was accepted to revival and further cultivation of breed, and only in several years he and group of researchers who literally combed all Italy in search of thoroughbred dogs managed to start working. Ahead of experts waited for long and laborious work on restoration to Cana corso, and after a while they organized the first club of this breed. By the end of the last century its first official description was made.

Soon to Cana corso recognized also in the Italian film logical community, and in several years the representative of this breed was shown at an exhibition of the International Film logical Association.

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Appearance and characteristic color

Kan Corso look as the real gladiators. A powerful body with dry muscles, broad frame, the big head and an elegant strong constitution. Dogs of this breed possess lightning reaction and perfectly developed security skills. The sizes of representatives of this breed are estimated as rather large. As for weight, Cana corso reach about 50 kg. Growth of dogs – 63-70 cm, and a bough – 57-65 cm

Kan Corso – one of few dogs whose external data as much as possible correspond to ancient shape of moloss.

Representatives of this breed are carried to short-haired. they have an underfur, ostevy the hair rigid on structure adjoins densely. At a healthy adult dog wool has a characteristic small reflection. As for a color, it is directly connected with feature of an exterior. Divide into 3 types of a coloring of wool: mastino, doges and staffteryer. Let's allow black, black with a steel reflection, blue, saturated and light gray, deep and light red and also cervine color of wool. The standard allows the tiger drawing or its absence. Dogs with a red and tiger color can have a mask.

Cana corso treat some of the most widespread colors black and tiger. Carry to colors because of which can exclude an individual from cultivation snow-white, cream, deep brown and subdead. Also spots of white color on a dog are inadmissible the standard.

Puppies to Cana corso up to 3-month age can has a monophonic color, but later can get tiger. Such process is normal, and representatives of breed are not disqualified.

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Character of the pet

Puppies of representatives of this breed, as well as most of other kids, look charmingly and can hardly leave someone indifferent. But the alleged owner has to consider that to Cana corso already from early age have resistant and independent character. Despite steadiness which is registered in characteristic of breed, it is impossible to guarantee that without due and timely education the puppy to Cana corso will grow friendly.

The character of representatives of this breed can be considered universal, but perfectly developed security skills nevertheless affect mentality of a dog properly. At Cana corso the territoriality instinct is always very strongly developed, and you should not forget about it. The dog is strongly tied to family of the owner, preserves and protects small children. The strangers who came on the territory to Cana corso are under its constant control and observation. Its attitude towards strangers depends directly on early correct socialization.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: description, contents, training

Some owners are sure that sentry puppies have to be isolated from early age from society. They in every possible way try to protect to Cana corso from communication with the world around and new acquaintances to other pets and people. Thus they try to teach a sentry dog to distinguish strangers from the. But representatives of this breed do not need such "training" as they perfectly understand and are able to distinguish from early age the malefactor from kindly the adjusted person. is ready to Protect the territory entrusted to it and family of the owner to Cana corso even at the cost of the life and is always ready to enter a fight with the opponent. The solitary way of life can lead further to flashes of the unreasonable aggression directed to each person who will decide to pay a visit on a tea cup.

After obligatory planned vaccination of a puppy Cana corso needs to walk and begin to acquaint with the world around. The alerted attitude towards the new person has to be encouraged surely with the owner, and here unreasonable aggression – to be ripped in the bud. The owner has to be ready that the teenage period and violence of hormones will last at his favourite approximately up to 3 years. During this period it is just necessary to train a dog.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: description, contents, training

Training to Cana corso

Kan Corso treat the hardly trained dogs, and the alleged owner has to be ready to it. Time for training should spend much and if the owner has no it in the necessary quantity, then it is better to refuse acquisition of a puppy of this breed.

Before training between the owner and a dog trusting relationship has to be improved. To force a dog to execute any commands against will it will be almost impossible. Thanks to congenital attentiveness and quite good memory to Cana corso not bad acquires teams, but only provided that process of training is not monotonous. needs to diversify Implementation of commands with various games and joint exercises . The main thing – never to doubt a dog and not to show her the obvious disappointment as to Cana corso are very sensitive and always see disapproval of the owner. As representatives of this breed did not get used to prove to the owner the superiority, such relation from its party will cause response and the dog will cease to obey.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: description, contents, training

The owner should not forget about perfectly developed security instincts of a dog. Friends and acquaintances cannot threaten for fun its safety as to Cana corso can regard actions harmless at first sight as threat. Then even the owner will not be able to foresee his further actions. You should not joke thus and at a puppy who will make nothing to the person, but, having matured, can remember at any time to the offender about his actions.

The course in protective guard duty is not obligatory for representatives of this breed, but if the pet is uncontrollable and has too severe character, then training will be quite justified. By means of this course to Cana corso can correctly learn to use the security qualities. Dogs of this breed after several monotonous monotonous occupations can begin to behave is extremely unpredictable therefore it will be expedient to employ to the owner the professional cynologist for training of the pet. It is desirable that the expert already had an experience of training of dogs of this or other office breed.

Breed of dog to Cana corso: description, contents, training

Leaving and maintenance

It is not recommended to support a large dog in the conditions of the small-sized apartment, but also it is impossible to leave a dog in the open-air cage for winter time due to the lack of an underfur too. Cana corso cannot hold also on a chain therefore the country house will be the best place for accommodation of a dog.

Walks with a dog have to be long, therefore it is desirable to put in frosty and rainy weather on her special clothes. It is possible to bathe a dog no more than 4 times a year, and to examine claws 2 times a month and if necessary to cut with the nail clipper guillotine. Hair of a dog can be cleaned by means of a soft brush, it is desirable daily. Eyes need to be wiped 2-3 times a week with a damp wadded tampon, and to examine ears on availability of dirt and to clean 1 time in 2 weeks.

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It is also necessary to look after teeth of the thoroughbred pet carefully. They need to be examined periodically on existence of a raid. It is necessary to remember that dogs which eat a dry industrial feed or at a diet of which have soft cartilages, the raid is cleaned in the natural way. Despite this, animal it is necessary to carry periodically to the veterinarian that he carried out toothbrushing. During change of milk teeth of a puppy it is necessary to provide with special toys. It is necessary to walk a dog from early age on a lead and to accustom gradually to wearing a muzzle.

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