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the Standard of breed the bullmastiff defines
how these dogs have to look and behave.

Bullmastiff: FCI No. 157/19.01.2011 standard


Great Britain




Group 2. Pinschers and schnauzers, molossa, Swiss shepherd's dogs and other breeds.
Section 2.1. Molossa, type mastiff.


Without tests of working qualities.


The bullmastiff occurred from an old English mastiff and a bulldog. Earlier he was used as a security dog, and in ancient times helped foresters at capture of poachers. A bullmastiff – a clever and observant dog it is possible to rely on him quietly both in physical, and in the mental plan, he quickly "grabs" a situation. His courage and courage, readiness for protection against uninvited guests – are legendary.

 Tiger bullmastiff of a photo

On a photo: bullmastiff. Photo: google.by


Powerful addition, symmetric, showing big force, but not bulky strong and active.


Strong sustained, active and devoted. Strong in spirit, attentive and sincere.



Skull: big and square, at a look from any party. Wrinkles develop only when the dog is interested, and are absent when the dog is quiet. Wide and deep.

Stop: expressed.


Nose lobe: with well open nostrils. Large, with wide nostrils equal, not narrowed, never hitched up in a profile.

Muzzle: short the distance from stop to a tip of a nose makes about one third of length of a nose tip to an occipital hillock. Wide under eyes and approximately the same width at a nose tip the stupid, rectilinear and square muzzle, has a right angle with the top line of the head, at the same time is proportional to a skull.

Lips: bryl do not droop, never hang down lower than the level of the lower jaw.

Jaws and teeth: the lower jaw wide on all length. The direct bite (tick-borne, edge to the region) is preferable, but small having a snack is admissible, though is not desirable. Canines are the large, widely placed, other teeth strong, equal and correctly located.

Cheekbones: well filled.

Eyes: dark or brown, the average size, are located widely, on muzzle width, with a furrow between them. Light or yellow eyes are very undesirable.

Ears: a V-shaped form, trailing on cartilages, are put widely and highly, their arrangement gives to a skull the form of a square that is very important line. Small and more dark, than main color. The end of an ear in a condition of vigilance is located at the level of eyes. Ears "rose" are extremely undesirable.


With a good nape, moderate length, very brawny and almost equals in a circle to a skull.


Back: a back short and direct, giving to a trunk a compact look, but not so short to hinder the movements. A humpbacked and pro-hanging back are extremely undesirable.

Waist: a waist wide and brawny with the corresponding depth of groins.

Breast: a breast, wide and deep, well lowered between front legs, with a deep breast.


Highly put, strong at the basis and narrowed by the end, reaching skakatelny joints, direct or curved, but not as at hounds. Zaloma of a tail are extremely undesirable.



General view: the front legs which are widely placed, showing the direct front.

Shoulders: well obmuskulena, inclined and powerful, not overloaded.

Forearms: powerful and direct, bony.

Pyasti: direct and strong.

Forepaws: svodisty, "a cat's paw", with roundish fingers, firm small pillows. Dark claws are desirable. The dismissed paw is extremely undesirable.


General view: back extremities strong and brawny.

Shins: well developed, showing force and activity, but not heavy.

Skakatelny joints: moderately expressed. The pulled together skakatelny joints (korovina) are very undesirable.

Hinder legs: svodisty, "a cat's paw", with roundish fingers, firm small pillows. Dark claws are desirable. The dismissed paw is extremely undesirable.


Movements show power and aspiration to the purpose. At the movement on a straight line neither front, nor hinder legs should not be crossed or braided, right front and left back paws rise and fall at the same time. The powerful push of back extremities does not change the fortress of the line of top in the movement and shows the balanced and harmonious movements.



Short and rigid, resistant to bad weather, skintight. Long, silky or wavy – it is extremely undesirable.


Any shades tiger, pale-yellow or red. The color has to be clean and uniform. The small white mark on a breast is admissible. Spots in other places are undesirable. The intensive black mask begins from a tip of a muzzle and is smoothly shaded to eyes, with dark glasses around eyes that gives to a muzzle specific expression.


Height in withers: dogs of 64 - 69 cm, boughs of 61 - 66 cm

Weight: dogs of 50 - 59 kg, boughs of 41 - 50 kg.


Any deviations from the above described points have to be regarded as shortcomings and to be punished in proportion to degree of a deviation and influence on health and wellbeing of a dog.


  • Aggression or cowardice.
  • Any dog with physical or mental anomalies has to be disqualified.

Note: Dogs have to have two developed testicles completely lowered in a scrotum.


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