• Dec 9, 2020

Sometimes in the house there live a cat and a dog. And the puppy wishes to regale from a cat's bowl. It seemed there are no sterns good, a difference. Whether so it? Whether it is possible to feed a puppy cat's forage?

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At once we will make a reservation, that the speech about sterns a premium or a superpremium class. Other dry feeds you should not feed animals in general.

However, it is impossible to feed a puppy with a cat's forage, even good.

of 7 reasons not to feed a puppy with a cat's forage

  1. In a cat's forage there is too much protein. For a puppy it is fraught with problems with digestion, kidneys and a cardiovascular system.
  2. The cat's forage contains too much cellulose. It can cause дефицин minerals and also zhidkorastvorimy vitamins B puppy organism, to lead to vomiting and problems with a GIT.
  3. In sterns for мурлык there are too much RR vitamins and E. If the puppy eats the cat's forage, it leads to skin peeling, an itch, violations of a chair, nausea and arrhythmias.
  4. Cat's forages are poor on vitamins A, To, in C and D3. It it is fraught with problems with sight, bad condition of wool and leather, bleeding of gums, weakness, bad coagulability of blood and problems with a musculoskeletal system.
  5. The cat's forage is rich with taurine. It can cause heart troubles, kidneys and digestion, reproductive function also suffers. It is possible allergy.
  6. Excess of phosphorus and iodine which the puppy can receive from cat's the stern, beats a thyroid gland, heart, kidneys, skin, breath and also it is dangerous for work of kidneys, intestines and a liver, can become the reason of fragility of bones.
  7. And here potassium and sodium in cat's sterns for a puppy are not enough. It breaks work of kidneys, hearts, the systems of digestion, muscles.

A conclusion is obvious – it is impossible to feed a puppy with a cat's forage.

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