• Dec 10, 2019
Care of a basenji not too difficult.
 the Basenji of a photo
On a photo: Basenji

should comb out Short hair of a basenji every two weeks. Bathe a dog quarterly. More frequent washing is not recommended as at these dogs very gentle skin. The hair dryer is not used. It is possible to dry up the pet a towel. Representatives of breed are capable to keep themselves clean, being actively licked.

An important part of care of a basenji — hygienic procedures.

Regularly examine ears and eyes.

Plaintive liquid helps eyes to remain clean so plaintive paths you should not be frightened — just wipe them every day. If there are no allocations at all, it is not really good: an eye is not protected. It is bad also if there is too much allocations. In both cases it is worth addressing the veterinarian.
needs to brush Teeth — the more often, the better. Special paste and a brush is used.
If necessary cut off claws — special kogterezky.
Care of a basenji assumes competent walking.
Consider love of freedom of a basenji, walk the pet only on a lead. Show ingenuity, think out new games and entertainments that the dog did not start missing.
Walk has to be long and active, differently the interior of your dwelling can suffer. Or the dog will break from a lead, not in forces to master the energy splashing too much.
of the Basenji — natives of tropical countries so the frost is not transferred. Therefore in cold weather they need to be dressed.
It is necessary to stock up with a set of various toys. And some of them should be hidden periodically, and after a while to return. So they will not be able to bore a basenji.
will be required to your pet a berth (the minimum size of 1х1 m), two bowls (on 1.5 — 2 liters), a collar, a lead, a set of toys, a muzzle, means for hygiene and leaving, a first-aid kit of first aid.

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