• Dec 10, 2019

the Basset hound does not demand difficult leaving, however the specifics nevertheless are available.
 the Three-colored basset hound on walk of a photo
On a photo: a basset hound on walk

Short hair of a basset hound needs to be combed daily.

These low hounds are quite often soiled therefore and it is necessary to bathe them quite often – approximately twice a month. Then the characteristic smell will not be.

Ears of a basset hound needs to be cleaned regularly.

you Watch the pet's food, do not allow obesity. It is difficult to plaintive, sad look of a basset hound to resist, but you need to collect will in a fist.

Basset hounds are dogs at whom saliva flows, and is quite plentiful. It assumes care of a muzzle – in order to avoid irritation of skin and an unpleasant smell.

of Walk are very important for a basset. Moderately active loadings will prevent obesity, developments of stagnation in joints and bones, will present to a dog good mood.

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