• Dec 11, 2019
Care of a beagle has a number of features.
of the Beagle can quite be contained in the apartment if you do not leave it for a long time one and you lead active lifestyle. In warm season the beagle can live also in the open-air cage.
 Puppy of a beagle of a photo Puppy of a beagle: The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne.
Care of a beagle not too difficult. Generally from you preventive veterinary actions (inoculations, processing from fleas and ticks, glistogonny, etc.), full feeding and an appropriate sanitary condition of the dwelling will be required.

Care of hair of a beagle simple. Rather periodically to comb a beagle and as required – to bathe. It is necessary to bathe, perhaps, quite often – do not feed the representative of breed with bread, let's roll about in some especially odorous muck.

After each walk wash paws.

If a dog walks enough, claws grind off. But all the same it is worth watching that they did not grow, and in case of need – to cut off.
needs to clean eyes and ears regularly. Especially as ears – a weak point of a beagle. It is necessary to accustom to these procedures of a puppy since the childhood, then they will be quietly perceived.

An important part of care of a beagle — walking.

Walking of a beagle can demand efforts if you did not get used to active lifestyle.
Consider features of breed. A beagle – a working hound, and a circle 15 minutes on the yard on a short lead – absolutely not that it is necessary for it. It is regularly necessary to walk, long, giving to a dog an opportunity to gambol.
 Dog of breed beagle of a photo Beagle: The photo is provided by nursery Medzhik Lyne "

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