• Dec 11, 2019
Care of a bichon a frieze has specifics which need to be considered.
frieze it is convenient to
of the Bichon to contain – it does not fade and has no unpleasant smell therefore can live even in family where someone from members is inclined to an allergy. However hair of a bichon a frieze demands very careful leaving.
 the Bichon a frieze a photo grooming
On a photo: care of a bichon frieze (grooming)

needs to Bathe bichons a frieze quite often (1 time in 2 – 3 weeks), choosing white dogs shampoos. If the pet wandered in dirt, water procedures should be arranged to a thicket. But try not to organize bathing days more often than 1 time a week. Before bathing wool is carefully combed. Dry up a doggie by means of the hair dryer on the mode of average temperature.
Wool it is necessary to comb
carefully and regularly (at least every other day). If to neglect it, it will get off in koltuna. You will need a massage brush (metal) with the teeths rotating, rounded off on the ends, a fine-tooth comb, a rare hairbrush, a slicker brush, spray from koltun, scissors with the rounded-off ends.

Around genitals and an anus it is better for
to cut off wool the machine.

the Important part of care of a bichon a frieze – a hairstyle. It is necessary to cut the pet time in 1.5 - 2 months. Also trimming will be required. It is unlikely you will be able to do without the help of the expert.
 the Bichon a frieze a photo grooming On a photo: care of a bichon frieze (grooming)
After walk to a dog of a paw.

Daily examine eyes of a bichon a frieze. Wool can get into them that causes irritation, dacryagogue. In need of an eye are processed by special means.

Ears, teeth and claws of a bichon a frieze also require attention. Ears of times a week should be cleaned special means. From auricles are depilated. Claws are cut off by special kogterezky. Teeth need to be brushed.

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