• Dec 11, 2019
Care of a biver-Yorkshire terrier – business difficult. And it is unimportant who at you: star of exhibitions or just pet. Any biver needs careful leaving.
 Biver-york leaving of a photo

On a photo: care of a biver-Yorkshire terrier

will be necessary for you For care of a biver-Yorkshire terrier:
  • a massage brush with metal teeths (the covering has to be antistatic, tips of teeths should not have balls)
  • massage brush (natural bristle)
  • a hairbrush with the rotating teeths
  • a plastic hairbrush, a tip – metal
  • a hairbrush with frequent cloves
  • elastics for a bang
  • nail clipper
  • колтунорез.
Special difficulties causes care of long beautiful wool.
Hair of a biver-Yorkshire terrier absolutely the straight line falling down from a hair parting on a back. Sunshine, salty sea water, dry air – all this has negative effect on its state. Wool of a biver needs to be combed every day. However, she easily combs hair and almost does not sputyvatsya.

Bathe biver-Yorkshire terriers several times a month (if necessary – time in 7 days). For this purpose use the special shampoos and conditioners helping to support wool beautiful and healthy. But "2 in 1" it is better to avoid means. It is desirable to entrust the choice of shampoo and the conditioner to the professional hairdresser. Consider that the prevalence of white color in a color does wool quite easily soiled.

you can quite learn to wash and cut a biver independently.

After washing of a biver-Yorkshire terrier turn in a terry towel (for 5 – 10 minutes), then dry wool the hair dryer. In the beginning use a powerful stream of hot air, sort wool a hand. Then switch off the hair dryer and comb a dog. After this biver finally dry (a combination of warm air and cold streams). The last stage of drying – exclusively cold stream.

From 5 months can do oil masks (approximately in 1 hour prior to bathing). Use different types of oils or their mix (jojoba, linen, coconut, almond, burdock, etc.)

Oil or balm can also be put after combing. In this case it is not washed away. But do not go too far! It is unlikely you need more than 0.5 teaspoons. If to be overzealous, wool will look bound together and grease, quickly to collect dirt and dust. Oil is evenly applied with a soft brush on the combed locks (not on skin!) under eyes, on a forehead, on a nose back, on each side the heads and muzzles, on a neck and the case, and in conclusion – on paws.

it is important to
to remember that the growth rate of wool can vary depending on the period of life of a dog. For example, during growth of teeth at the kid and also during a techka or pregnancy at boughs growth of wool slows down. The stress or a disease can slow down it, in addition.

the correct, balanced feeding is very important
For a condition of wool and leather.

Care of a biver-Yorkshire terrier provides hygienic procedures.

Ears demand regular survey. You should clean auricles by means of special lotion (is on sale in vetapteka and pet-shops) and Q-tips. In the beginning in an ear several drops of lotion are dug in, ears are massed a couple of minutes. After a Q-tip it is also moistened with lotion, and ears are carefully processed.

there is no
If pollution in ears, it is not necessary to clean them.

Excess vegetation on tips of ears obstrigatsya, thus, ears look accurate and small.
Wool between fingers demands special leaving. It is regularly cut off.

Examine claws. If the biver walks on a firm surface much, they can grind off. If is not present, they need to be cut off (at least once a month).

Is necessary also care of teeth. If your puppy is 8 months old, but not all milk teeth managed to be replaced, address the veterinarian. Removal of milk teeth can be necessary. Regularly treat a biver with the special stones brushing teeth and an oral cavity. Stones can be found in pet-shop.

do not forget
about preventive inoculations. But before doing an inoculation, give to a dog glistogonny medicine.

After the first inoculations is maintained a quarantine during which it is necessary to refrain from walks. As a toilet during this period it is possible to use a diaper or a dog tray.

Pick up to a biver-Yorkshire terrier a breast-band for the size, process the pet from ticks and fleas.

in the Winter of a biver-Yorkshire terrier needs to be dressed.

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