• Dec 11, 2019
Care of a bobtail you will not call
simple. And first of all it belongs to care of wool. If not to find for it time and forces suffices, hair of a bobtail will fall down, and the dog will have an untidy appearance. Comb a bobtail every day a massage brush with rare teeths. Act accurately – it is impossible to injure skin.
 Care of a bobtail of a photo On a photo: dog of breed bobtail

Care of hair of a bobtail

bobtails strongly fade in the Spring, to it it is necessary to be ready.

of Bobtails can be cut, however it is better to entrust this procedure to the good groomer.

Bathe a bobtail about 1 times in 1.5 months. After washing wool is combed and dried the hair dryer.

Hair of a bobtail on the head is combed back, along a back – is divided into a hair parting.

That wool did not become soiled during wet weather, the dog can be dressed in overalls.

Care of a bobtail: prevention of diseases

do not forget
about prevention from fleas and ticks.
Regularly examine eyes and ears of a bobtail. If necessary you clean them.
If claws do not grind off naturally, they need to be cut the special nail clipper as required.
are necessary for the Bobtail walks and physical activity – a minimum on 1 hour 2 times a day.

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