• Dec 12, 2019
Care of a Border Collie has features which need to be considered.

Care of hair of a Border Collie will not demand from you skills of the professional groomer. These dogs are combed three times a week (during a molt — daily) a rigid brush without sharp teeths. The massage hairbrush promotes the correct blood circulation.
On a photo: Border Collie
If is necessary, wool on a tail and paws can be sheared.

of the Border Collie like to float, however not really like to bathe in a bathtub. These dogs are clean so washing with use of shampoos is necessary only 2 — 4 times a year or in case of strong pollution.

After walk to the pet of a paw.

you Watch that the grown claws did not prevent a dog to run and go. If necessary cut off them.

do not forget
about protection against fleas and ticks. Especially as the Border Collie — fans to get into the thickets through impassable bushes.

Regularly examine eyes and ears, if necessary you clean them.
Toothbrushing is made by special toothpaste.

An important part of care of a Border Collie — correctly organized walking.

If you not too active and mobile person, walking of a Border Collie demands from you enormous efforts.
are necessary for These dogs regular and long walks. At least for an adult dog: 2 walks a day, on 1 hour, in any weather (and it is better — even more). At the same time you should not just walk on the yard a slow step. Prepare for jogs, games, an aportirovka.

If you do not provide
to the pet of an opportunity to splash out energy, he will start missing and in own way will approach a solution. You will have an opportunity to estimate the creative potential of these dogs — and then to do extraordinary repair.

Optimal conditions for representatives of breed — a country house and the big fenced site. But even in this case not to do without walks. If you for days on end work and live in the apartment, it is better to refrain from acquisition of a Border Collie.

of the Border Collie love travel, perfectly transfer moving and the road, easily get used to the changed conditions.

Some owners complain of an unpleasant smell from the pet. However most often it is connected with the wrong feeding, skin diseases, frequent bathings or low-quality comb-out of an underfur.

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