• Dec 16, 2019
the Bull terrier – quite unpretentious dog. Nevertheless, care of a bull terrier has features which need to be considered.

of Feature of care of a bull terrier

have enough to comb out and wipe Short wool of 1 — 2 time a week with a damp towel. In the fall and in the spring (during a molt) it is worth combing out a dog daily.
 How to look after a bull terrier of a photo On a photo: white bull terrier
Frequent bathings are not recommended, there is enough of several "bathing days" a year. You should not bathe puppies in the first months at all as they can catch a cold.

If a bull terrier moves much, including on solid soil (asphalt, stones), claws grind off naturally. If you walk only on soft soil, special kogterezky should cut off claws.

Examine eyes and ears, if necessary – you clean. Care of them standard, does not differ from care of any other breed.

the Big role in care of a bull terrier plays the correct feeding. Do not forget that bull terriers are inclined to food allergy and to obesity.

That, perhaps, will demand efforts - it is full walking of a bull terrier. They need to move actively at least twice a day on half an hour, and surely give to the pet the chance to be worn without lead (certainly, the dog has to be trained).

Travel on long distances, run, stock up with balls, train a canine friend in an aportirovka.

Care of a bull terrier during the trips

Many ask
a question as the bull terrier postpones trips. About it you should not worry. They adore traveling. The bull terrier perfectly postpones trips by bus, the car, the plane and the train. And perfectly behaves even during long moving.
However it is worth thinking of all necessary in advance. If you gather abroad, to you, most likely, need the pet passport with marks about complex preventive inoculations and also about a rage inoculation. The press of clinic and the signature of the doctor are obligatory.
a rage Inoculation becomes not later, than a month before the trip. 30 days – the quarantine term, at this time evacuation of a bull terrier abroad is forbidden.
If you travel with a bull terrier by plane or by train, surely acquire the landing ticket for a dog.
 the Bull terrier a photo muzzle On a photo: a white bull terrier
At evacuation abroad of a bull terrier needs to be chipirovat. For this purpose address in a vetklinik, in the pet passport the mark becomes.
In addition, each country can establish the rules of import of dogs and the list of accompanying documents. Surely specify what rules of transportation of animals in the country of departure. The consulate can provide similar information.
If a bull terrier goes by plane, it will be placed in a luggage compartment, and you need a container. It is better to specify the size of a container in airline.

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