• Jan 28, 2020

Leaving for bulmastify is not too put by p title=", however has the features which need to be considered.

Hair of a bullmastiff, rough and short, in leaving is rather plain. However it is desirable to comb at least once a week a bullmastiff – it will keep natural gloss of wool. Besides, this procedure will reduce amount of wool in the house, the bullmastiff almost continuously fades.

the Important component of leaving for bulmastify – bathing. Wash these dogs as required.

the Bullmastiff – a heavy dog therefore as often as possible check whether there are no cracks on small pillows of paws.

Regularly cut off claws of a bullmastiff by means of the special nail clipper.

 the Bullmastiff on walk of a photo

On a photo: bullmastiff. Фото: google.by

Care of a bullmastiff assumes also accounting of its level of activity. These dogs conduct not too active life, and to move quickly to them is rather heavy. So the breed will hardly suit too active owner. But at the same time in the absence of due physical activities the bullmastiff will soon grow fat, and excess weight – a direct way to diseases and early death. So regular long walks and a complex of physical exercises – a necessary part of care of a bullmastiff. To find golden mean – the owner's task.

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