• Dec 19, 2019
the Dobermann terrier — a short-haired dog therefore it is possible to hold it only indoors. Though in warm months he can well feel also in the open-air cage.
 the Dobermann terrier at a photo exhibition
On a photo: a Dobermann terrier at an exhibition
Anyway, are necessary long walks and vigorous occupations. The aportirovka can train the pet and to use this skill to provide to a dog of loading on walk. The representative of breed can shine in any kind of dog sport. Also the Dobermann terrier can accompany you on a cycling, jog, to play soccer or to be engaged on shells. The more the Dobermann terrier moves, the better at him health.

Few times in a week (in the course of a molt — is more often) you brush wool a soft or special glove.
Bathe Dobermann terriers in process of pollution, using a short-haired dog shampoo.
Daily examine eyes, teeth, ears, you clean them if necessary.
Cut off claws if they grind off in the natural way insufficiently.
At a temperature below 10 — 15 0 From a Dobermann terrier dress.

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