• Jan 9, 2020

Care of a German shepherd is not too burdensome, however has features.
 the German shepherd of a photo On a photo: German shepherd
the Important part of care of a German shepherd — full walking. German shepherds need long vigorous walks, an opportunity to run about without lead. Consider it before getting a puppy.

If during walk you are caught in the rain, the dog can be wiped with a towel dry. Drying by the hair dryer is not obligatory at all.

Wool is recommended to be brushed daily. It is an obligatory part of care of a German shepherd that she looked good.
Wash German shepherds infrequently — only in case of pollution, dogs shampoo. After washing dry wipe. If to bathe a dog often, wool can grow dull.

the Place for a dog has to be in the most secluded place of the house, far away from batteries and drafts. The dense rug which is easy for cleaning is put on a floor. It is possible to use a cage or boxing as "lodge".

Care of a German shepherd includes regular hygienic procedures. On need exchange, cut to a German shepherd claws, examine eyes and ears, you brush teeth.

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