• Dec 18, 2019
Care of a griffon has features which need to be considered.
For a griffon is important to have an opportunity to be near people. They transfer loneliness nasty.

Allocate to
the secluded place where the pet will have a rest. In the same place it stores favourite toys. And also master's socks, children's toys and other necessary things in economy. It is necessary to accustom itself to an order.

are necessary for the Dog regular walks and an opportunity to be run thoroughly. Remarkably, if your canine friend can safely play with other dogs.
Representatives of breed badly transfer a heat. Therefore your care — to provide them comfort in summer months.
the Short-haired version is enough to be combed. Wire-haired griffons are trimmed. It is not recommended to cut them as it badly affects structure of wool. However if you deal with an elderly and not exhibition dog, she can be cut by means of the machine.
At long-haired griffons area under a tail, near eyes and a pad it is worth cutting.
to Wire-haired griffons after a meal wash with
a small beard, wipe it and comb. After walk (in bad weather) wash paws and the polluted parts of the body, it can be done just by water or applying shampoo.
in case of pollution a doggie bathe. For drying it is possible to use the hair dryer.
Look after folds on a muzzle and eyes.
of an Eye have to be surely clean. You have to watch their state: if there are allocations, eyes of a griffon should be washed with warm water or special medicines.
Regularly you brush to the pet teeth.
and if necessary you clean ears.
cut off each 7 — 10 days Claws special kogterezky.

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