• Dec 19, 2019
Care of a Jack Russell Terrier is not difficult, however has features.
 the Jack Russell Terrier of a photo
On a photo: a Jack Russell Terrier on walk

the Important part of care of a Jack Russell Terrier — walk. Despite the small sizes, the Jack Russell Terrier needs regular physical activities. So it is not too reasonable to keep this dog in the city apartment if it has no opportunity regularly to run without lead on a spacious lawn.
If walks with you are short and not really interesting, the dog will begin to have a good time in own way. The "missing" Jack Russell is ready for many "feats" — from digging up of a lawn before damage of property, from jumps through a fence for escape on will before underminings under a protection. Therefore before getting this little enerdzhayzer, soberly estimate the forces and opportunities.
Wool at these dogs is rigid, semifixed and smooth. Features of care of it depend on it. The dog is usually regularly cleaned a rigid mitten and combed. Wire-haired and semi-wire-haired dogs should be trimmed: to pull out the died-off wool. The procedure this quite difficult, the inexperienced owner can accidentally injure the pet's skin therefore trust in the professional better.
 Russell a terrier wire-haired leaving of a photo
On a photo: care of a Jack Russell Terrier
is frequent you should not bathe these dogs. Their wool pushes away dirt, and you should not wash away this natural lubricant. After walk in the polluted places it is rather simple to wipe paws and places of pollution with the special cleaning napkins or a damp towel.

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