• Jan 8, 2020

Care of a long-haired collie will demand from you time and efforts.

 the Red long-haired collie of a photo On a photo: the long-haired collie

of the Most careful leaving demands hair of a long-haired collie.

The long-haired collie needs to be combed regularly brushes with small and large teeths. Electrization of wool can be reduced, having sprinkled a dog from a spray. Combing is begun with the head and finished with a tail.

The long-haired collie 2 times a year fades, and all apartment will be filled up with wool at this time. Therefore in the period of a molt comb a long-haired collie twice a day. But from wool of the pet it is possible to knit warm clothes which as consider many, have also medical effect.

Cut hairs on ankles, paws, ears of a dog.

Bathe a long-haired collie infrequently. Obligatory bathing days mark the termination of a molt, techka or childbirth. Certainly, before exhibitions the dog also takes a bath. Before bathing of a long-haired collie carefully comb out that wool did not get off in koltuna. Besides shampoo it is possible to use the conditioner.

However care of a long-haired collie is not limited to care of wool.

Regularly you clean eyes and ears of a long-haired collie, if necessary cut off claws.

Accustom the pet to washing of paws after walk. Examine small pillows of paws: whether there are on them no cuts, grazes, splinters.

the Long-haired collie will not begin to live in the box or the open-air cage. Think over where you will equip the comfortable place before the pet appears at your place.

The long-haired collie needs long walks, outdoor games, trainings.

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