• Feb 24, 2020

Care of a Pekinese has features which need to be considered.

Features of care of a Pekinese

do not forget that a Pekinese, despite self-confidence – quite little and fragile being. Also demands the corresponding address. Do not lift a dog (especially a puppy) for forepaws. It is possible to leave the pet the disabled person for the rest of life.

Care of hair of a Pekinese

Hair of a Pekinese demands special leaving.

So far the Pekinese small, is enough to comb of him a massage brush (not a slicker brush!) and a metal hairbrush with frequent teeths.

Stock up with various sprays, gels and shampoos (including dry powder-shampoo).

Frequent bathing does wool fragile and dim therefore it is possible to bathe a Pekinese some once a year.

Hair of a Pekinese splits about asphalt, to it the garbage from the earth therefore it is possible to provide a dog with clothes sticks. Then your pet will not remind a broom.

Cut too long wool on fingers and from a sole – that it remained at the same level, as small pillows.

That else includes care of a Pekinese in house conditions

As required cut off to a Pekinese claws of special kogterezky. Act accurately, without causing to a dog of pain.

It is quite convenient to keep a Pekinese in the apartment. He takes not enough place and does not demand active long walks. However there are also difficulties.

Representatives of breed are extremely sensitive to a heat. Preserve them against overheating.

Eyes are subject to injuries – watch that the favourite did not wound them.

And, like the majority of dogs with a short muzzle, Pekineses in a dream snore.

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