• Jan 13, 2020

Care of a poodle has features which need to be considered.

 black and white poodles cost on a table of a photo
On a photo: poodles during a grooming

the Important part of care of a poodle — the correct care of wool.
Dense wavy hair of a poodle demands special leaving. You should get an arsenal of tools: a slicker brush, a crest with rare teeth, a massage brush, scissors, the machine for a hairstyle, special shampoos, sprays, balms and conditioners.
the Moult at poodles happens only once in life when the puppyish hair changes on adult. At this time a dog process by means of a slicker brush that koltuna were not formed.
will need to comb out further the pet (3 — 4 times a week), to bathe and cut.
3 — 4 times in a year of a poodle wash with shampoo, but the thicket should bathe without use of detergents (time in 2 — 3 weeks). It is important as in wool a lot of dust and bacteria collects.

Before each hairstyle of a poodle surely is washed and combed out.

the Hairstyle is divided into two views: traditional ("under a lion") and a modernist style.

All this knowledge needs to study specially so to the groomer not to do you without campaign.

Hygienic care of a poodle is also extremely important.

Regularly examine eyes, teeth and the favourite's ears.
Since the childhood accustom a dog to toothbrushing.
As required cut off claws of special kogterezky.
the Correct care of a poodle is impossible without competently organized walking. A poodle — an active, vigorous being therefore you should spend, at least, 1 hour a day on the street, including offering a dog active games, trainings, an aportirovka, etc.

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