• Jan 13, 2020
Care of a Rhodesian ridgeback is not too burdensome, however the dog nevertheless demands the minimum leaving.
 the Rhodesian ridgeback On a photo: A Rhodesian ridgeback
do not forget to banish worms (to carry out expulsion of helminths). To dogs 2 years glistogonny are younger give 1 time in 3 months, to ridgebacks 2 years — 1 time in half a year are more senior.
give not earlier than 2 weeks after inoculations and not later than 10 days before vaccination.
a Rhodesian ridgeback from fleas and ticks.
Care of a Rhodesian ridgeback assumes correctly organized walking. Rhodesian ridgebacks are quite active dogs therefore need long active walks. They with pleasure will accompany the skier or the cyclist. It is necessary to walk with them not less than 2 hours a day (and it is better more).

However you remember
that because of short wool the ridgeback freezes, and at a temperature below-10 degrees the dog should be dressed. And it is necessary to save Rhodesian ridgebacks from stings of blood-sicking insects in the summer and to process a repellent before departure on the nature.
the Obligatory component of care of a Rhodesian ridgeback — bathing. Wash a Rhodesian ridgeback 2 — 3 times a year or in case of strong pollution.

It is necessary to look after claws of a Rhodesian ridgeback. If they do not grind off, they need to be cut with the special nail clipper. If snipped off too much and there is blood, powder a wound with potassium permanganate powder.

of the Paw after walking are wiped in the summer, and from fall to spring wash. In the winter before walk process small pillows of paws special wax.

is Extremely important care of ears of a Rhodesian ridgeback. once a week you clean them the wadded tampon moistened in special lotion.

Wool is cleaned by the napkin moistened in solution of water, vinegar and alcohol (a ratio 1:1:1).

during a molt wool is combed out daily by means of a soft rubber brush.

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