• Dec 17, 2019

Care of a veymaraner has features which need to be considered.
Best of all a weimaraner feels in the big house with the decent territory where there is an opportunity much to run and conduct researches. But short wool does not allow them to live on the street in cold season therefore even if you live in the country, the dog has to have an opportunity to be in the warm room.
If you live in the apartment, it is necessary to devote much time to trainings and active long walks.
Differently you and neighbors will become deaf from continuous bark, and the interior will undergo changes which for certain will not be pleasant to you.

Hair of a weimaraner does not demand special leaving. It is short, skintight and rigid, without underfur therefore it can be brushed a rubber or special glove. But if you have a long-haired kind of a veymaraner, it is necessary to comb out daily the pet and time in 2 months to bathe.

is Extremely important hygienic care of a veymaraner. Weekly you clean to a veymaraner ears, you regularly brush teeth, cut off claws.
 how to look after a weimaraner a veymaraner
On a photo: weimaraner (veymaraner)

is vital For a veymaraner attention of the owner therefore he will be happy to take feasible part in all your adventures and house efforts.

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