• Dec 17, 2019
Care of a Welsh Corgi has features which need to be considered.

The best conditions for keeping of a Welsh Corgi: the house with the fenced site or the apartment – on condition of regular walking. Otherwise the dog will turn into the inadequate, spiteful, closed being.

On a photo: A Welsh Corgi at an exhibition
of the Welsh Corgi fade constantly, but twice a year – is especially strong. However wool does not demand difficult leaving. It should be combed a soft brush and to daily delete the died-off underfur.

Welsh Corgis not more often than 3 times a year Bathe. Excessive hobby for "bathing days" will lead to skin diseases and an unpleasant smell.

An obligatory element of care of a Welsh Corgi — hygienic procedures.

Regularly examine the pet's eyes. Representatives of breed are inclined to ophthalmologic diseases which are simpler for preventing, than to treat the started cases.
Ears also should be examined – that there were no parasites and a raid – and if necessary to clean.
2 – 3 times a week to a dog should brush teeth – that the scale was not formed and bacteria did not accumulate.
At need cut off claws.
Periodically check a body of a Welsh Corgi – that there were no inflammations, infections or wounds.
Accustom a Welsh Corgi to hygienic procedures and the correct leaving from the childhood. Encourage quiet behavior.

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