• May 22, 2018


Hair of a West Highland White Terrier demands special leaving therefore, most likely, not to do you without the help of the professional groomer.

 the West Highland White Terrier a photo grooming On a photo: an exhibition grooming вест-хайленд-уайт-терьера

Вест-хайленд-уайт-терьеры do not fade. On the one hand, it is plus – on the apartment wool shreds will not fly. On the other hand, removal of the died-off hair will become your care.

Regular trimming (2 – 3 times a year) or, as a last resort, a hairstyle is necessary. But consider that the hairstyle spoils structure of wool.

At least two times a week (and it is better – daily) the dog needs to be combed a rigid brush.

Wool around eyes and ears is regularly pulled out, around an anus and genitals – is cut off.

Snow-white wool will demand quite frequent bathing (approximately once a month). However frequent washing with West Highland White Terriers shampoo is harmful. Will be to find your care golden mean.

At the wrong feeding and leaving wool can turn yellow.

Do not forget about ensuring physical activities and regular walks. "Vesti" it is necessary to be run in plenty on a scope, to play with a ball.

For wet weather your pet probably should get special overalls and footwear.

 the West Highland White Terrier an exhibition grooming of a photo On a photo: care of hair of a West Highland White Terrier "

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