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the Wire-haired fox terrier – the small hunting dog combining in herself huge curiosity, live playful character, fidelity and devotion to the owner. the Breed a fox terrier appeared in the 17th century, and these clever live doggies were used as assistants during hunting for the foxes, badgers and many other animals living in holes.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier
the Wire-haired fox terrier – the small hunting dog combining in herself huge curiosity, live playful character, fidelity and devotion to the owner

Is very clever and playful dogs who rather successfully compete at various competitions. They madly love children, irrespective of age, and well get on together with other pets. Such doggies can be excellent friends and faithful reliable assistants.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier
the Zhestkoshersty fox terrier externally looks is proud and аристократично

Внешний a species of an animal

The Zhestkoshersty fox terrier externally looks is proud and is aristocratical, but at the same time he very friendly and has some even children's expression of a muzzle. He differs in firmness, endurance and constant availability for service. At him in blood desire to serve the owner is put.

Foksa make an impression of strong and active dogs. A constitution at them strong and proportional. At the insignificant size the animal occupies big height in a rack, has short, but rather strong back. Its rack reminds a pose of the athlete who is on start and at any time can make breakthrough. The fox terrier, at the expense of the special building, very quick, quickly moves, is dexterous and almost instantly reacts to any external irritants.

Visual distinctions of heterosexual dogs insignificant, but all of them are looked through. At dogs the head more massive, and expression of a muzzle is slightly more aggressive.

the Dog differs in good health and endurance, about what its constitution speaks. These animals bony, have well developed muscles and the correct constitution. Height in withers reaches 34-40 cm that practically equals to trunk length.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier

The extended head with a flat forehead gradually is narrowed to a nose tip. Length of a muzzle and skull approximately equal. Transition from a muzzle to a forehead is expressed slightly and almost imperceptible. Cheekbones and cheeks at them flat, the exception makes only area under eyes. The termination of a muzzle round, however due to availability of wool looks a little square. Jaws at an animal very powerful, are located strictly vertically with the correct bite.

Accurate triangular ears hang down on cartilages, and their ends are directed a little forward. They are located next to each other. The nose is black, irrespective of a color of a dog. Eyes have rather interesting form which is something average between an oval and a circle. They are put a little slantwise and not really widely, in the same way as eyelids, eyes of black color.

The wire-haired fox terrier has rather massive case which is characterized by rather narrow and powerful thorax, a short and hardy back. The withers are obviously expressed and act over a back of an animal on 1.5 cm. The neck is rather long, sinewy, but it does not break the main correct proportions of an animal at all.

Earlier the tail and ears of fox terriers were stopped, however in connection with the bans on holding this procedure the appearance changed a little. Massive steady front extremities ideally equal also remain such even at the movement of an animal. Back extremities strong and powerful, hips with well developed muscles, and shins have average length.

Wool rather dense and rigid, reminding a wire. Each hair has a small break that gives the chance of wool more densely to adjoin to integuments, creating a strong protective layer.

The dog generally has a white color with black and red spots, however also completely white foksa meet.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier

Character and training

Dual nature is inherent in all breeds of hunting dogs, and the fox terrier is not an exception. As well as any terrier, this dog differs in vigorous character:

  • to live;
  • to inquisitive;
  • to playful;
  • to energetic.

Buying a fox terrier, it is necessary to remember that this very mobile and playful animal therefore it is necessary to be ready to long walks. has to be allocated At least one hour for intensive physical activities among which:

  • jumps;
  • run;
  • swimming.

Doggies serve the owner, being excellent assistants and partners, however can easily escape, having been fond of a game. These are wonderful, dexterous and very courageous hunters, however, to achieve desirable result, it is regularly necessary to be engaged in training and a training.

Character of a wire-haired fox terrier rather soft therefore such dogs loyally treat people. However at the same time they are very exacting to themselves and do not allow any infringement. The character of an animal in many respects depends on the attitude towards him and education. If he during walk does not splash out energy, then can make it houses. If to ignore Fox, then he will become aggressive in relation to other animals. On the street it is necessary to walk a dog on a lead as she easily distracts and can run away.

of Feature of breed wire-haired fox terrier (video)

It is the best friend for children, irrespective of age as it mobile, playful and tireless. In spite of the fact that representatives of breed are not aggressive at all, in case of real threat will preserve in every way the house and the owner.

This dog always wishes to work and study, the most important that process of training happened together with the owner. It has to be combined with outdoor games all the time. will be ideal For these quadrupeds:

  • training in various tricks with frisbee;
  • work on the route of dog agility;
  • games with balls.

Besides, they with great pleasure run near bicycle. Not so important, there will be how exactly a training process, the most important – as much as possible to spend the collected energy and to cheerfully spend time.

Training of a wire-haired working terrier implies a pritravka in an artificial hole. Being courageous on a surface, the animal can be frightened underground therefore often it comes to an end with strong stings and even the death of a dog. The age 1.5 years, but for everyone four-footed this indicator individual can be optimum time for hunting. Puppies of hereditary hunters are trained much quicker and more simply.

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Maintenance and leaving

Care of a terrier and his contents do not cause in owners of special difficulties, especially if the dog does not take part in various competitions and exhibitions. If the canine friend is daily given an opportunity to splash out the collected energy, then he excellently gets on in the conditions of the city apartment. As this breed of dog rather active, it demands in addition intellectual loadings therefore it is important to include implementation of various commands in training process.

Without having opportunities to splash out the collected energy, the fox terrier wire-haired can begin to gnaw furniture and other objects in the house. You should not forget about observance of a diet as these dogs cannot overeat. It is possible to feed an animal with both special products, and natural food. It is necessary to expand a diet gradually, entering new food gradually as it will allow to define, in case of need, allergen and at once to exclude it from a diet.

it is necessary to comb the Pet at least 2 times a week , and here bathing is carried out as required. The special shampoo intended for wire-haired dogs is for this purpose used. Thanks to special structure wool remains clean throughout a long time. That it looked accurate, beautiful and elastic, hairs need to be pulled out at least once a year. The similar procedure is carried out by both the professional master, and the owner of an animal.

If the pet participates in various exhibitions and competitions, then it is important to take care of periodic trimming and a grooming. The first provides wool plucking out which is carried out periodically, at least once a year. The grooming implies training of a dog for an exhibition.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier

Wire-haired breeds of dog are forbidden to be cut, and here trimming is carried out 3 times a year, however if wool grows very quickly, then it is possible to trim a dog and 4 times a year.

It is regularly necessary to examine eyes of the pet and if they begin to sour, then it is obligatory to wipe them with the wadded disks moistened with abrupt tea tea leaves or just boiled water. In the presence of any reddenings of eyes, plentiful dacryagogue or strong souring it is necessary to address the veterinarian. Claws are cut off 2 times in a week of special kogterezky.

In bad weather one walk better to put on on an animal overalls which will help to protect it from cold and will allow wool to remain clean.

and the responsible moment for manufacturers of this breed of dog knitting of a fox terrier as pregnancy, childbirth, courting for puppies demand many forces and material investments is Very important. The best age for carrying out knitting at dogs the age 24 months, at a bough – 20 months is considered, however to pairing they are capable from 8 months.

Several weeks prior to alleged knitting it is necessary to make the bacteriological test on detection of infections which can lead of puppies to death. Also processing for extermination of skin parasites, expulsion of helminths and an infectious diseases inoculation is carried out. Modern standards strictly forbid knitting of wire-haired and sleek-haired breeds.

Care of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier

Health and life expectancy

Life expectancy of well well-groomed fox terrier makes about 15-16 years. Various hereditary diseases are characteristic of this breed of dog. Often animals can have hormonal violations, diabetes, violation of digestion, an allergy.

Because of bad blood circulation at this breed of dog the syndrome of Legga-Kalve-Pertesa is quite often noted. This disease affects joints, and its signs are a little similar to course of a dysplasia. Also often such pathologies as a cataract and glaucoma meet. It is possible to fix a problem by carrying out operation, however if the animal is not threatened by a total blindness, then to surgical intervention practically do not resort.

Congenital deafness can become one more problem, especially often this disease occurs in canine friends with absolutely white color. Also there can be different neurologic frustration.

Trimming of a fox terrier (video)

Interaction with members of household

A wire-haired fox terrier – excellent breed of dog for families with children who got used to cheerful and noisy entertainments, active walks in the fresh air. Naughty and cheerful Fox will play and have fun with great pleasure together with children, however it is the best of all to make walk under supervision of adults as at this four-footed rather independent and freedom-loving character.

Rough energy is literally splashed out from this an animal, it is ready to run, play for hours and to bark loudly for this reason these factors need to be considered at acquisition of an animal. This breed of dog does not suit the elderly people who got used to silence and tranquility at all.

The animal loves all family members, however his owner, that person who was credible dogs and her arrangement will be the most important for it. Most likely, it is that person who gives the greatest number of attention, cares for the pet and brings up it.

Besides, the owner has to have strong character that it was possible to cope with the pet. Making the decision to get a puppy, it is necessary to decide in advance on the one who will undertake a part of the host of a dog, as if all family members pay it identical amount of attention, then the fox terrier will grow very whimsical and ill-bred.

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