• Jan 4, 2020
Care of a Yorkshire terrier has features which need to be considered.
 Yorkshire terrier and pillow of a photo
On a photo: Yorkshire terrier
the Correct care of a Yorkshire terrier is inconceivable without walks. The Yorkshire terrier is perfectly adapted for the citizen's life, but will be the tireless satellite in country promenades. Do not deprive of the kid of active walks, it is useful for physical and mental health. Walking is obligatory for any dog, including for a Yorkshire terrier. When you walk, show vigilance — a great number of Yorkshire terriers were lost or were stolen.
Find as much as possible time for games. The dog needs toys: pishchalka, balls, artificial stones.
the Important role in care of a Yorkshire terrier occupies care of wool. Beauty of your pet depends on a condition of wool. And its length, density, gloss and color depend, first of all, on hereditary factors.
 the Yorkshire terrier of a photo
On a photo: Yorkshire terrier
Yorkshire terriers almost do not fade, but, nevertheless, their wool demands careful leaving. Just the pet can be tonsured — it will facilitate life to both of you a little. However if you the esthete, be ready to additional expenses: means, time and patience.
that wool at Yorkshire terriers constantly grows.
needs to Comb a dog every day (at least 10 minutes). For bathing use the conditioner or the moisturizing shampoo. And bathe these kids weekly.
Adversely influence wool sunshine, sea water, too dry air indoors. Unbalanced or malnutrition worsens quality of wool.
Wool has gentle structure therefore the hairbrush should be chosen carefully. Brushes have to be qualitative. For daily combing I use special spray — to them slightly sprinkle a doggie before combing as it is more difficult to comb dry wool.
From 5 — 6 months can rub a hair with oil.

For exhibition dogs is obligatory a grooming.

An important part of care of a Yorkshire terrier — care of health.

Cold Yorkshire terriers transfer
badly therefore in cold and rainy weather they are dressed.
In addition, representatives of breed it is necessary to preserve against injuries.
Is necessary careful care of teeth of a Yorkshire terrier. At little puppies of 28 milk teeth, after 4 months the puppy begins to lose them. Growth of constants begins. In the beginning cutters, then — canines change. This process, as a rule, happens imperceptibly. However on canines it is necessary to pay special attention. If they did not drop out by 8 months, it is necessary to address the veterinarian. By 8 months teeth at Yorkshire terriers completely change. The adult Yorkshire terrier has 42 teeth.
When changing teeth is possible an unpleasant smell from a mouth.
After change of teeth needs to begin schooling to hygiene of a mouth as for a Yorkshire terrier toothbrushing — a question of vital importance. Yorkshire terriers are inclined to emergence of a scale, and it leads to the fact that by 4 — 5 years teeth can begin to be unsteady and drop out.
Get a toothbrush for dogs. It has to approach by the size. It is more convenient when the toothbrush is put on the owner's finger. Except a brush, also toothpaste is required. Besides, there are natural cleaners of teeth: tomato juice and tomatoes. It is possible to dissolve a dry feed in tomato juice.

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