• Dec 2, 2019

Care of an Australian shepherd has features which need to be considered.

On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss)
At least 3 times a week comb out hair of an Australian shepherd, otherwise you will collect tirelessly strands of wood from clothes and furniture. Besides, in the absence of due leaving hair of an Australian shepherd gets off in koltuna, disposal of which will be quite problematic.

during a molt is obligatory daily combing.

Before combing can sprinkle aussa wool water that strands of wood did not break.

Get tools for care of hair of an Australian shepherd: hairbrush (large teeths), brush, slicker brush or furminator, skrebnitsy.

A here bathing of an Australian shepherd should not be frequent: the structure of wool such is that these dogs very long dry, and it can become the reason of development of a fungal disease.
are necessary to the Australian shepherd long walks with active games. However, it can be and plus — claws in that case most often grind off naturally. But if it does not occur, claws are cut with kogterezky.
Daily examine an Australian shepherd regarding wounds, cuts and other injuries — these dogs are not inclined to protect themselves.
2 times a week check ears of an aussa and if necessary you clean them special lotions (hypoallergenic).
of an Eye of an Australian shepherd also demand leaving. Healthy eyes clean, without crusts, sores and irritations. After work of an aussa wipe eyes with the clean, moistened in water napkin.
to save teeth of an Australian shepherd from a scale and a raid, offer it special stones or you brush teeth special toothpaste and a brush.

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