• Dec 3, 2019
Care of the American bulldog has some features.
the American bulldogs are quite unpretentious dogs, they can quite be supported in the apartment at observance of a number of conditions.

 the American bulldog Care of the American bulldog is not put by
Bathe the American bulldogs in process of pollution (it is desirable not more often than 1 time a month).

comb out Wool a brush from time to time.

clean Ears, eyes wipe, claws cut as required, as well as to all other dogs.
would Seem, everything is simple. But there are also difficulties – or one more advantage, looking from what party to look.

An important part of care of the American bulldog — physical activity.

Representatives of breed need physical activities and long walks. And duration is measured not in minutes, and in kilometers and intensity. That is you should not miss definitely.
Ambul – a working dog, is necessary for it business to liking. If there is no opportunity to provide constant employment, work can be replaced with outdoor games. Anyway, your pet has to move actively at least hour a day – then he will be healthy and strong.

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