• Dec 10, 2019

Care of the Argentina mastiff has a number of features which need to be considered.

 the Argentina mastiff on the beach of a photo On a photo: the Argentina mastiff

Despite a pronounced hunting instinct of the Argentina mastiff, at due leaving it can well feel both in the apartment, and in a country house.

Care of hair of the Argentina mastiff is simple, you need to delete only an underfur and the become lifeless hairs in the period of a molt. It is possible to use a rubber brush.

Bathe the Argentina mastiff only in case of strong pollution as after washing this dog can catch a cold.

Standard procedures of care of the Argentina mastiff, as well as for any dog is a cleaning of ears and eyes, cutting of claws.

the Obligatory minimum on walking – 2 walks a day 1.5 hours. And you should make efforts to provide to a dog due physical activity.

If you for a long time leave the Argentina mastiff of one or do not provide the necessary loading, your property will suffer.

 the Argentina mastiff runs on the seashore of a photo On a photo: Argentina mastiff "

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