• Dec 11, 2019

Care of the boxer not too difficult, but has specifics which need to be considered.

 the Dog of breed the boxer of a photo On a photo: the dog of breed the boxer

rather regularly to comb Smooth short wool a rubber glove or a soft brush. The rigid brush will not approach – can injure skin.

It is desirable to bathe the boxer at least once a year, then to carefully dry wool. If the dog was soiled on walk, it is enough to wash the polluted site. Shampoo has to be with a low rn.

Daily wipe folds on a muzzle.

After each walk examine small pillows of paws. The microtrauma can be fraught with inflammation. Puppies and old dogs are recommended to grease a skin on paws with cream – before walk.

Regularly examine and you clean eyes and ears.

At least 2 – 3 times a month to the boxer brush teeth. Human toothpaste does not approach. If there was a scale, address the expert.

When the boxer walks on asphalt much, claws can grind off. If is not present, special kogterezky needs to cut off them.

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