• Dec 5, 2019
Care of the English bulldog has features which need to be considered.
the English bulldog will be suitable both for the apartment, and for a country house. They are quiet and do not bring special trouble, are safe for children and get on with other animals. Sometimes they are called "sofa and sentry dogs" or "the pet for the idler" — they are extremely tied to the house and the favourite place.
the Important part of care of English budlogy — care of health of the pet.
Bulldogs love outdoor games, but it is worth observing precautionary measures. Do not allow the English bulldogs to frolic strongly during a heat — their respiratory device is for this purpose absolutely unsuitable. Also it is impossible to leave them in the car or other closed space, without having provided inflow of fresh air.

Transporting the pet in the summer, take care of existence of bags of ice to put to a dog at the first symptoms of overheating. If air heats up more than 30 degrees Celsius, not to do without conditioner.
If signs of heatstroke noticed — urgently contact the veterinarian.
Even at young age this dog should not be dragged for itself everywhere and to overload with physical activity. By practical consideration define loading which the pet can bear, without overtiring. The American bulldog — not that dog who adores distant campaigns quite will suit him daily good walk on a lead — no more than 2 km.
the English bulldogs strongly depend on the person. Even to be scratched by him independently extremely difficult therefore your task — to organize regular massage.

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is Extremely important hygienic care of the English bulldog.
Hair of the English bulldogs is supported in perfect tune by daily cleaning by a rigid brush and a cloth mitten. And to expiate a dog, choose warm summer day.

Carefully you clean folds on a muzzle, area under a tail — to avoid a congestion of allocations and development of infections.

Sometimes equate maintenance and care of the English bulldog to care of the baby who is completely depending on parents.

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