• Dec 10, 2019
Care of the English cocker spaniels is quite labor-consuming. But only in case you do not regret time and forces for care of the pet, you will be able to be proud of beauty of the English cocker spaniel.
 Care of the English cocker spaniel of a photo On a photo: care of the English cocker spaniel

Care of hair of the English cocker spaniel

Hair of the English cocker spaniel sputyvatsya easily therefore needs regular combing. For care of the English cocker spaniel you need a massage brush (soft, with a soft bristle). The felted wool is sorted fingers in the beginning, and then carefully combed a metal hairbrush. Act carefully not to hurt the pet.

Wool at small pillows of paws and also around ear openings is cut off. Wool between fingers is not cut off. For a vystriganiye of wool buy scissors with the rounded-off safe ends. In the beginning the puppy needs to be accustomed to a type of scissors and their clicking sound, to allow to sniff at the tool – so it will be easier for kid to keep calm during a hairstyle.

Bathe the English cocker spaniels more often than dogs of many other breeds, but in general the frequency of washing depends on what life is led by a dog: sometimes 1 time in 3 months suffices, and sometimes it is necessary to do it much more often. Before water procedures of the pet it is necessary to comb carefully. Wash the English cocker spaniel with warm water, using special dogs shampoo. When you water a muzzle of a canine friend and area of genitals, weaken a shower pressure. Do not pour water in an ear of a dog at all. Shampoo from the English cocker spaniel is washed away twice then double-check whether remained on wool of signs of foam. If remained – rinse the pet once again. Wash a dog until water does not flow down absolutely transparent. After washing wipe a cocker a towel (carefully, but it is accurate) and finish drying by means of the hair dryer.

But fade the English cocker spaniels not too strongly in comparison with other long-haired dogs.

Hygienic care of the English cocker spaniel

needs to accustom To hygienic procedures of a puppy of the English cocker spaniel as soon as possible. In this case the dog will perceive them quietly. Consider that the puppy can almost not keep immovability therefore procedures for leaving at first should not last more couple of minutes.

Regularly examine claws of a dog and if necessary cut them the special nail clipper.

Examine eyes of the English cocker spaniel and delete allocations with slightly damp wadded disk. For each eye the separate disk is used.

Ears of the English cocker spaniel – a subject of special care. They need to be cleaned regularly, however do not thrust a tampon into an ear with effort at all – it can become the reason of a serious trauma.

Regularly check a condition of gums of the English cocker spaniel. In the absence of due care of teeth, the scale which, in turn, leads to inflammation of gums and loss of teeth can be formed. Healthy a gum have to be pink color. At least 2 times a week are desirable to brush teeth of the English cocker spaniel. The procedure is carried out by means of special toothpaste and a brush.

the English cocker spaniel – quite active dog who is very much excited from active games and is ready to infinite walks. So it is necessary to consider that every day you should allocate time for this purpose.
 the English cocker spaniel of a photo On a photo: English cocker spaniel "

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