• Jan 15, 2020

Care of the French bulldog has features which need to be considered. The French bulldogs not too difficult dogs in leaving, however, to themselves nevertheless require a certain attention.
On a photo: The French bulldog, the owner Elena Silich
needs to look after constantly a fold on a muzzle. In it moisture and dirt collects that can lead to an infection. Accurately wipe a fold with a wadded disk and grease that it was not formed an intertrigo.
daily brush Wool.
should Bathe a bulldog no more than one time a month. Too frequent bathing can cause excessive dryness of skin, an itch and dandruff.
Care of paws of the French bulldog includes a hairstyle of claws and check of small pillows on existence of cracks.
Cleaning of ears – too the important procedure. Ears always have to be clean. If you noticed suspicious allocations, reddening, a swelling or a bad smell, the best – immediately to ask for the help the veterinarian.
Regularly wipe with
eyes to the French bulldog. You watch their state.
the French bulldogs like to eat
therefore it is necessary to watch their diet.
Care of the French bulldog includes correctly organized walking. These dogs need regular short walks and an opportunity to run about without lead. At insufficient loadings representatives of breed are inclined to obesity.
Due to the features structures of a nose and skull the French bulldogs can have trouble breathing, especially during excessive nervousness or at high temperature of the environment. Therefore try not to walk the bulldog in very hot weather.
Because of short wool the French bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather. However with them it is possible to walk quietly in a frost, giving more chance to move. It is also possible to use special overalls.
But here drafts should be avoided.
Is excluded keeping of the French bulldog in open-air cages.

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