• Jan 3, 2020

You will not call care of the Irish setter unreasonably difficult, however he nevertheless will demand some efforts from the owner.

 the setter lies, having turned in a photo paw

On a photo: Irish setter. Photo: maxpixel.net

It is very important to look after dense and long hair of the Irish setter correctly. Bathe these dogs as required and not more often than 1 time a week. Sometimes it is enough to use dry shampoo. It is not necessary to cut the Irish setter, and here it is necessary to comb every day.

Fade the Irish setters, as a rule, twice a year. However hair of these dogs easily cleans up, and it it will not be visible if not to be lazy to vacuum the house at least every other day.

Careful hygienic care of the Irish setter is very important. Regularly check the pet's ears as the Irish setters are inclined to otitis. Attentively examine skin of a dog in time to notice combing or licking which can be symptom of dermatitis.

An important part of care of the Irish setter – full walks. Walk with the pet not less than 2 hours a day and give physical and intellectual activity. These dogs often perfectly swim.

The setter can live also in the apartment, and in the country. However captive contents – not for these dogs. They are too philanthropic, and life in the open-air cage or, especially, on a chain for them – real torture.

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