• Jan 13, 2020

At the Pomeranian spitz-dog very effective appearance, but, contrary to fears, care of the Pomeranian spitz-dog not too troublesome.

the Main component of care of the Pomeranian spitz-dog — care of magnificent wool. Accustom to combing of a puppy from the earliest age. It is better to comb out the pet daily, but if absolutely it is impossible — at least 2 — 3 times a week. Try to delete as little as possible underfur, otherwise the appeal of a spitz-dog will in many respects be lost.

In a groin, behind ears and on paws koltuna can be formed — you watch it.

Frequent bathings are not recommended. Bathing days arrange not more often than 1 time in 2 — 3 months or in case of strong pollution. You dry a dog the hair dryer. Dry shampoo can become an alternative to water procedures. During a molt of the pet do not bathe. Before bathing of a spitz-dog surely comb.

Also hygienic care of the Pomeranian spitz-dog is not less important.

surely daily examine eyes and the pet's ears.

If necessary cut off claws of special kogterezky.

do not forget
about prevention of stings of ticks and fleas. For this purpose it is possible to use special collars, sprays, drops, shampoos.

Representatives of breed demand regular active walking at regular intervals.
 a spitz-dog a bitter orange a beautiful photo On a photo: Pomeranian spitz-dog

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