• Jan 14, 2020

Samoyeds are unpretentious dogs. However care of the Samoyed has features which need to be considered.
 plays with a golden retriever
the Important part of care of the Samoyed makes maintenance of a dog in good physical shape. Representatives of breed will be best of all to feel in country houses (not on a chain!) However if you live in the apartment, Samoyeds have enough two long walks a day to splash out excess of energy. And regular departures out of the city or more active walks in the park on days off will help to support a dog in good shape. It is better to walk the Samoyed on a long lead.
Additional care of the Samoyed demands only wool. It it is necessary regularly (better daily) to comb out. Armpits, area behind ears are especially carefully processed and under the lower jaw – most often koltuna are formed exactly there.
Wool of the Samoyed has enviable ability to self-cleaning. Therefore frequent bathings are not required for them – on the contrary, water procedures with use of detergents can wash away water-repellent "lubricant" from wool. In addition, frequent washing happens the reason of skin diseases and colds.
of Exhibition dogs wash, of course, quite often (once a week), however if your pet does not go to exhibitions, you should not arrange bathing days more often than 1 - 2 times a year. It is better to choose the supercleaning and bleaching a white dog shampoo. Wool is well washed out in the beginning, then shampoo then – the conditioner, cream and a mask is twice used. At the end carefully rinse wool.
of the Samoyed wipe a towel, and then dry up the hair dryer, in parallel combing wool.

Fades the Samoyed of 1 - 2 time a year (boughs more often), molt duration – 2 – 3 weeks. Wool on the house does not fly to the rest of the time.
Great advantage in care of the Samoyed – lack of a specific smell.

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