• Jan 8, 2020

Immunity at the Caucasian sheep-dog, as a rule, good. In it, however, there are not only pluses, but also minuses. Thanks to endurance of an organism, symptoms of diseases at the Caucasian sheep-dog are shown far not at once. But when reserves come to an end and symptoms are shown, the disease at the Caucasian sheep-dogs begins to progress promptly.

 the Caucasian sheep-dog in the snow-covered field of a photo

On a photo: Caucasian sheep-dog. Photo: google

There are diseases to which the Caucasian sheep-dogs are predisposed more, than to others:

  1. Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. Symptoms: fatigue, refusal of active games, an unnatural pose sitting, lameness, it is kneaded, a clubfoot, etc. Diagnostics can be carried out by means of X-ray and to address as soon as possible the veterinarian.
  2. Infectious diseases (adenoviral hepatitis, plague, leptospirosis). Do not neglect prevention of these diseases – vaccination.
  3. Genetic diseases of the Caucasian sheep-dog. Generally it the diseases connected with the broken metabolism, for example, allergies or an agammaglobulinemiya. Before buying a puppy, it is important to be convinced that at parents tests for genetic diseases are passed.
  4. Neurosises, epilepsy and spasms.
  5. Endocrine diseases: kriptorkhizm, diabetes, dwarfism, obesity.
  6. Albinism (skin, eye or combined).
it is important to
to remember prevention of diseases of the Caucasian sheep-dog, in time to give to a dog glistogonny medicines, to process from fleas and ticks and to impart according to the schedule.

If you noticed the guarding changes of behavior or health of a dog (disorder of digestion, vomiting, temperature increase, lameness, slackness, apathy, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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