• Jan 8, 2020

the History of breed the Caucasian sheep-dog goes to depth of centuries. It agrees one of hypotheses, the Tibetan mastiffs were ancestors of the Caucasian sheep-dogs. Also there is a breed the Caucasian sheep-dog, by some estimates, about 2500. Already then the Caucasian and Central Asian sheep-dog became different breeds. And during this time until the end of the 20th century these dogs practically did not change.

 the Caucasian sheep-dog at a photo exhibition

On a photo: Caucasian sheep-dog. Photo: wikimedia.org

The mountain area and hard work created both appearance, and character of the Caucasian sheep-dogs. These are the powerful, hardy and at the same time mobile, spiteful dogs irreconcilable in relation to enemies: to wolves and strangers. The Caucasian sheep-dogs protected and grazed flocks of sheep and also guarded houses of owners. Weak or painful dogs were ruthlessly destroyed.

the Caucasian sheep-dogs are divided into types depending on the region of dwelling. For example, there are mountain and steppe Caucasian sheep-dogs.

In 18 – 19 centuries of the Caucasian sheep-dogs tried to attach on service in police. However on similar service these dogs did not succeed – rejected them, having hung up a label too spiteful and stubborn.

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by a debut of the Caucasian sheep-dogs at the international exhibition which took place in Nuremberg. Dogs began to gain popularity, however during World War II appeared on the verge of disappearance. Nevertheless, the breed was kept.

In the late eighties the 20th centuries of the Caucasian sheep-dogs began to cross to other breeds. And many judges of these dogs consider that similar crossings did not do good to breed. And now the Caucasian sheep-dog already practically became "factory" breed.

In 1990 breed the Caucasian sheep-dog was recognized by FCI.

The Caucasian sheep-dogs crossed to St. Bernards became primogenitors of new breed – Moscow sentry.

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