• Jan 14, 2020

Features of character of the Central Asian sheep-dog

Character of the Central Asian sheep-dog such is that it is resolute, courageous, quite spiteful dog who shows lightning active and defensive reaction — and at the same time how it seemed paradoxical, quiet, even serene. It is indifferent to strangers in the neutral territory, but, protecting the object entrusted to it, will engage with the opponent without hesitation. Therefore poses a considerable threat for this purpose who without the permission interferes in its possession or constitutes danger to the owner or the protected property.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog looks in the photo camera At a photo: the Central Asian sheep-dog

Feature of character of the Central Asian sheep-dog that it is betrayed to the owner, however makes decisions independently. It can complicate training — the dog needs to be interested, but not to be limited to mechanical methods, they in this case are useless. However, thanks to perfectly developed sense organs and intelligence, the dog gives in to education rather easily. Quiet, not bustling — she studies diligently and is not distracted by foreign irritants.

It is interesting that representatives of breed, like the cat's tribe, become more active in night-time. Perhaps, this trait of character of the Central Asian sheep-dog — heritage of the previous generations. Therefore, having entrusted protection to the Central Asian sheep-dog, you can sleep peacefully – at night she guards even more vigilantly, than in the afternoon.

the Central Asian sheep-dogs ripen late, completely develop intellectually and physically only by three years. However these dogs demand early socialization and training.

As a rule, "Asians" quite well get on with other pets, even cats in the family. But often show aggression to foreign dogs that in combination with lightning reaction and force of jaws can become dangerous. So in the public place of "Asian" it is worth keeping on a lead and in a muzzle.

In a usual situation the dog behaves quietly and unperturbably, like to have fun and play, but this serenity in character of the Central Asian sheep-dog seeming: in case of danger it changes instantly. Therefore sometimes the Central Asian sheep-dogs are characterized as "explosive". Very much do not love when they are hurt, it can also become the aggression flash reason.

Dogs behave more phlegmatically, and boughs sometimes — are extraordinary active and sociable.

Those dogs who are not capable to battle against the opponent should not participate in cultivation even if they have a remarkable exterior.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog in family of a photo On a photo: the Central Asian sheep-dog in family

Character of the Central Asian sheep-dog in relation to children

Despite severity and gravity of breed, well well-mannered and trained Central Asian sheep-dog loves children and can even act as the nurse. It willingly plays with small children and serves for them as reliable protection.

However there is a rule fair for any dog, and in particular for the Central Asian sheep-dog: it is not recommended to leave the pet with the child alone.

You should not forget that the Central Asian sheep-dog — very large and heavy dog who can do harm to the small child by negligence — for example, accidentally to push, drop, etc. and by that to put a trauma.

Teach the child to treat a dog correctly: not to disturb during sleep and food, not to disturb a privacy, not to show roughness.

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