• Jan 14, 2020

Care of the Central Asian sheep-dog in general is easy. Their wool, steady against dirt, even for lack of regular leaving looks well-groomed and clean.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog lies on photo sand On a photo: the Central Asian sheep-dog

in the Spring "Asians" strongly fade, but during the whole year lose not a lot of wool. If it is regular to comb out a dog (it is desirable on the street), it is possible to reduce amount of wool of the house considerably.

In time you clean to the Central Asian sheep-dog ears, shear claws.

"Asian" can seem sluggish, but is actually rather quick and will be grateful for long walk. However, if you have a house with reliably protected yard, to a dog of it will be enough. The fencing is important as if it is not, the Central Asian sheep-dog will broaden the territory self-willedally and will protect it, and it is fraught with big problems.

Purity in that room where there lives a dog is extremely important. Daily vacuum a floor and a plank bed, you carry out damp cleaning. The laying of times a week is erased. In this case the Central Asian sheep-dog will comfortably feel.

the Central Asian sheep-dogs best of all feel

in the fresh air, however easily get used also to accommodation in the house. Certainly, if there for them rather free space there is also an opportunity to walk regularly.

"Asians" perfectly adapt to a temperate or frigid climate. If the Central Asian sheep-dog gets to hot climate, she needs to have access to the shady place or the conditioned room.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog of a photo On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dog

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