• Jan 8, 2020

Features of character Chinese crested

In appearance a Chinese crested dog can seem the thoughtless coquette, however the first impression is deceptive. On character the Chinese crested dogs loyal friends, tender and obedient and also excellent watchmen.
Chinese Crested Photo of the Photo: the Chinese crested dog (a naked version)
Character of a Chinese crested dog assumes that she is inquisitive and quite clever. In her eyes all range of emotions is reflected: from grief of all mankind to impetuous delight.

They perfectly study, can master a set of amusing tricks and are happy if it is possible to please the favourite owner.

Chinese crested dogs unusually dexterous and jumping. Can jump from the place on a dining table or long dance attendance.

They adore digging
, and your kitchen garden or a lawn can not endure it. But it is possible to teach the pet to dig entrenchments in places specially allotted for this purpose.

On character the Chinese crested dogs are extremely sociable, easily find a common language with all family members, love children. Everyone whom they recognize "" becomes object of gentle and tender care and, if necessary, protection. Embrace pleasure, at the same time front pads use as hands.

But at all capacity of love, as a rule, they choose by
someone one (go two), with whom they establish special connection. Separation from the elite is transferred badly, are capable to ache or even to die of a grief.
These dogs are not aggressive, but concern strangers mistrustfully.

transfer Loneliness badly therefore the busy person will not be suited.

Character of the Chinese crested dogs does not differ in pugnacity and even if they enter the conflict with relatives, it does without harmful consequences.

needs to find time for socialization of the pet, to acquaint it with new animals, people and places. Otherwise the dog will become timid and shy.

Chinese crested seldom bark – unless when are nervous or miss.
Chinese Crested Photo of the Photo: Chinese crested dog (naked version)

Character of the Chinese crested dog in relation to children

the Chinese crested dog will be suitable for family with children is more senior than three years. The friendliness and sociability does representatives of breed by excellent friends for younger generation. These doggies adore embracing and with pleasure join in childish pranks and games.
But do not forget
that the pet will demand constant communication, will not take out abandonment and loneliness. Therefore if to the child through some time will bother to potter with it, the doggie will be in despair and can even get sick.
Is remarkable if you have a child of school age which will undertake to train a canine friend in tricks. Representatives of breed can only dream of it.
to the child that the dog is not a toy. Forbid to disturb the pet at meal time and a dream, to show roughness.
of the Small child and a dog cannot be left unguarded.

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