• Dec 10, 2019
the Basset hound on character – the real aristocrat full of advantage. This impression is strengthened by the noble head, long ears and clever eyes reflecting all grief of this imperfect world.
Basset Hound of a Photo
the Basset hound remarkably gets accustomed in the city, though did not lose hunting lines: endurance, ability to pursue, persistence and a magnificent scent.

the Second name of representatives of breed – Kindness. From capital letter. This is a tender, gentle, quiet dog. Appeasable, friendly, sociable. Gets on with all family members, including small children and other animals.

the Basset hound is inquisitive, but if there is one, will eat. On walk very much likes to watch – everything. To contemplation it is given entirely, so, that the owner (and his teams) cease to exist.

Basset hounds are brave and cheerful.

However, in character of a basset hound is also minuses. The obstinacy, alas, is fraught with difficulties in training. And on walk rather a basset hound will walk with you, but not you with him. Besides, this dog is capable to be fond and go towards to adventures – alone. Therefore show vigilance.
Despite tranquility and sluggishness, a basset hound nevertheless needs regular long walks. Inclinations of the hunter did not get to anywhere, they were not exterminated even by love of these dogs to comfort.
Basset Hound of a Photo
At these dogs a thick, loud and basisty voice. And the special reason is not necessary for bark (and also howling). Therefore neighbors can be very dissatisfied.
the Best owner for a basset hound – resolute, but at the same time the quiet and patient person. If softly and persistently to train a dog, it is possible to receive almost ideal partner.
Sensitivity and high I.Q. allow representatives of breed to catch mood of family members and to arrange under it the behavior. They are capable "to read" even a mimicry, unmistakably understanding what from them wait for. However will not always begin to submit – only if it needs it.

Basset hound and children

the Basset hound – a dog, very appeasable, sociable and friendly on character. He perfectly finds a common language with children, even with small. But it is fair only for the brought-up, trained dog.
the Child has to know rules of communication with a canine friend. The main: not to disturb a dog on her place, not to disturb during sleep and food, not to pursue if the dog decided to retire.
I, kind of you were sure of the pet, you should not leave the small child and a dog unguarded.

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