• Dec 11, 2019

Character of a bichon frieze: pluses and minuses

In character of a bichon a frieze is both pluses, and minuses.
Bichon Photo Frieze On a photo: a bichon a frieze

Undoubted plus of a bichon a frieze that on on character it is extraordinary cheerful, playful doggie, at the same time very obedient. It will amuse if to you it is sad. Also will make everything to win your love.

Boundless devotion in character of a bichon a frieze is combined with self-respect. The pet will not impose the society and when to you not to it, goes about the own business. But if you offend him, by all means it will show, having refused to talk to you. Something is useless to force to make him by force – it will cause only reciprocal aggression.
On learning ability the bichon a frieze, maybe, also concedes to a poodle or a German shepherd, but, nevertheless, is easily trained and is capable to master a set of amusing tricks. In training use a positive reinforcement.

One more undoubted plus of a bichon a frieze that this darling, the friendly pet will suit both the lonely person, and big family with children. He perfectly gets on with other animals and offends nobody.
It well feels in the apartment, even absolutely small. Besides, representatives of breed do not fade and have no unpleasant smell. But wool will demand careful leaving.
The bichon has a frieze and minuses . You can experience difficulties, imparting a bichon a frieze skills of cleanliness therefore, perhaps, you should accustom him to a cage. In addition, dogs badly transfer loneliness, they need to feel presence by a number of the favourite owner, otherwise they will start missing and will begin unauthorized repair. One more minus of a bichon frieze: tendency to give a vote on the slightest (sometimes decided) to an occasion. Neighbors can be dissatisfied.

Character of a bichon a frieze in relation to children

Unlike the majority of little dogs, bichons a frieze are quite capable to get on with children of any age.
However your task – to explain to the child that a dog, even such small and charming – not a toy, and the living being with the requirements and desires.
Control communication of children and the pet. Do not allow the child to show roughness in relation to a canine friend, to disturb him during sleep or food. The child can accidentally do serious harm to a small fragile doggie, do not forget about it.

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