• Dec 16, 2019
Characteristic of a bull terrier can be expressed in three words: "athlete of the dog world". According to the external description of a bull terrier it is difficult to call handsome. More likely, it is a dog on the fan. However at a personal meeting it turns out that this dog is not deprived of charm. And if you at least once see a smile of a bull terrier, then will hardly be able to remain indifferent. And let you are not frightened by frightening appearance. The boundless devotion and unconditional fidelity were embodied in character of a bull terrier.

of Feature of character of a bull terrier

"The most valuable property of a bull terrier his big fidelity, tenderness and pliability, in most cases, on the attitude only towards a certain person. They can lie for hours on the place and look at "the" person the small slanting eyes and enjoy its proximity". From the book: "Character of a bull terrier", Elisabeth von Meding.
Rumours from the category "the bull terrier bit to death the owner" are deprived under themselves of the bases if it is about mentally healthy dog!
In a usual situation representatives of breed are friendly, friendly dogs who adore being in human society. And, in spite of the fact that before them "gladiators" called precisely, modern bull terriers are distinguished by tranquility and steadiness.
Character of a Bull Terrier of a Photo On a photo: bull terriers
They direct and very active and fearless. The bull terrier – the good watchman, will surely give a vote at approach of the stranger. But whether he will be here a furious bodyguard (if you need it) – a big question. Aggression in relation to people – not in their nature. Bull terriers are disciplined and obedient, do not take eyes from the owner and, apparently, read his mind.
Many consider that a bull terrier angry. But the aggressive bull terrier is a marriage of breed. Same concerns also cowardice.
If you correctly bring up a bull terrier, he will love so you that he will strangle the tenderness rather.

the Dog will become your shadow and by all means will try to be attached on a lap at any opportunity. If it could, would be chained to you by shackles, and the key threw out on a bottom of the Mariana hollow – only that very never to leave you. For a second.

At the same time a standard bull terrier is very self-assured, independent in decision-making and is curious. They are exclusively reliable in a critical situation.
All remarkable qualities of a bull terrier will be shown if you do not regret time and forces on socialization, education and training of the pet.
Is also difficulties. Strength of a bull terrier is huge. Whether there will be enough at you forces to hold a lead if the pet is insufficiently disciplined?

They proud and sensitive. Before offering some game, think: whether it will tread on self-respect of your canine friend?

Many ask
a question: what is the bull terrier dangerous by? For the majority "bull terrier" equally in "dog fights". Really, he can be quite aggressive in relation to dogs and other animals, but only in case you neglect early socialization. And in a fight "the bull terrier against other dog" at the opponent is not enough chances. And it is better not to make experiments who is stronger: bull terrier or pit bull terrier. Your task – to bring up the adequate attitude towards relatives in the pet.
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the bull terrier periodically has surges in unmotivated activity. At these moments on your apartment the tornado in 15 points from 10 possible will blow over. With the corresponding consequences for an interior. The dog so flies at this time into a passion that she is capable to crash the head into a wall – and right there to rush off in other party. But you will never miss!

Character of a bull terrier in relation to children

Many ask
a question, the bull terrier in family with children is how appropriate. Despite quite furious look, the bull terrier is very tender with children. He allows to roll literally with him in an embrace. However, as there will be relations of the child and a bull terrier, depends on you.
Designate to a dog the place in pack – the child has to be higher on a rank.

Children have to acquire
that the dog is a full member of family, with requirements and desires which need to be respected. Forbid the child to show roughness, to pinch a dog or other ways to hurt, address roughly. It is impossible to disturb the pet during sleep and food. If the canine friend was bored by a game and he decided to retire – it is impossible to interfere with him at all.
of the Small child and bull terrier should not be left alone unguarded.

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