• Dec 18, 2019
On character a griffon — the attentive doggie full of self-respect.
the Belgian griffin, sits, threw back the head On a photo: dog of breed griffon

of Feature of character of a griffon

Is beings vigilant, selflessly devoted to the owner. Neither the shyness, nor aggression is usually not shown. They have always a good mood, they are friendly, do not dare to grumble and be capricious and do not bark in vain.
the Look so intelligent that it seems as if these doggies are capable to understand us better, than we are them. They are clever, quickly get used to new conditions, easily study and are capable to master a set of amusing tricks. They only do not suffer violence.
Representatives of breed are obedient, but if feel a weak point, right there will use it.
I are even ready to become leaders of pack. So from you the soft persistence and patience in education will be required.
On character griffons are mobile, active and hardy. They adore long walks and are happy if it is possible to see new places. At the same time will not refuse to sit at you on hands or to lie down near by. But if the pet wanted to stay alone, do not disturb him.
In the nest this doggie as the poltergeist, can drag off your socks, slippers or children's toys. Therefore do not scatter the things anywhere.
As a rule, griffons easily win hearts of all family members. Even his mischief is so harmless that raise a smile, but not irritation.
Representatives of breed differ in rare cleanliness, and their wool is almost not soiled.
do All these qualities of character of a griffon this dog by almost ideal pet for contents in the city apartment.

Character of a griffon in relation to children

the Griffon can quite become the loyal friend for your child. They are patient, friendly and allow to squeeze and caress themselves.
However consider their tiny size. The child up to 4 years who badly controls the actions can cripple the pet.
Anyway should explain to you to children of the rule of communication with a dog. To it it is impossible to show roughness, to inadmissibly disturb the pet at meal time or a dream. If the doggie decided to leave, he should not interfere.
of the main idea: the dog is not a toy, and the full member of family who has requirements and desires.
do not leave to
a dog and the small child alone.

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